August 11, 2012

3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash

3:53 P.M.

Wow, the party is about to start I am having so much fun :) I had a chance to take a picture with the one and only Stephen Spirtcaller!

4:00 P.M.

Party officially starting!!! :)

4:30 P.M.

Deathbane Maze! You have to try this out :)


I had a chance to get a crowded picture with Fallon! Glad I still did, thank you Fallon :) I hope you had a great Birthday!!! :)


Picture with none other than WOLF IRONTAIL :)


Picture with FAMOUS wizards Blaze Shadowhorn, Autumn Dreamwalker, Tatiana Shadowflame Blaze Dragonhorn :)


A picture with another famous wizard! Mark Swiftgem!


Huge picture!

- Had to do a Side View! Everyone wouldn't fit :)

Review of Party :)

Lets see.. how could I put this........................ AWESOME AS USUAL! I am glad you had this party this year again and I hope you have another one next year :) I am glad I had a chance to take a picture with a bunch of great friends and if I didn't I'm sorry! I took a bunch of pictures, the ones above are a few of the 40 pictures I've taken so far :) 3 years, I hope not to miss one that may be difficult but I'm willing to try ;) Fallon you're one of the greatest wizards in the Spiral!!! Thank you so much for having this party and on your birthday?! Wow, you're very nice to give :)

Okay here's the explosion of videos and pictures!!!

2nd Video messed up Sorry!! 

-3rd Video Link-

That was a lot of fun, I felt like the press doing that! :) I hope you enjoyed this post!!! :)

~ Edward Lifegem


Unknown said...

lol i was in most of the pics. (wolf irontail)

tatiana shadowflame said...

famous? lol. not me. :P thank you :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Oh Tatiana :) You know you're a well known wizard in the Spiral, I just replaced well known with famous :)

Tara Windwalker said...

It was a wonderful party ... so many happy wizards exploring, chatting, networking, smiling ... exactly what Fallon wanted when she created the Ravenwood Ball, probably. How nice to celebrate her birthday, too, because she has given joy and guidance to wizards for a very long time. You can't change history, Tatiana, once you become famous (um "well known) you stay that way. It was great seeing everyone (or semi-seeing) them through the mass of blue letters ... I had a wonderful time at the Ball.