August 1, 2012

Another Pirate101 Skyway Picture


The past few days they have released a lot of pictures, I wonder if this means beta is going to be released soon? Hopefully! I will talk about that down below after I show you this picture. Its a Pirate Ship and in the distance is Skull Island.

Credit for the picture goes to:

This is really cool, I really can't wait to play Pirate101. I am addicted already :) Oh if you haven't noticed I'm not too addicted. I can't talk like a pirate. I hope you don't mind, I am used to talking like a Wizard :) So I will try to talk more like a Pirate in the next few months! Wish me luck! Now.. Lets talk about Pirate101 Beta...

When will Pirate101 Closed Beta be released? - 

A closed beta phase for Pirate101 will occur later this year. 

They said this in April, so it should be soon. Remember they said they would tell everyone through their website and on their Facebook page when Pirate101 would be released. If you're getting anything that says Pirate101 is in beta already it isn't. You will know when it is because Pirate101 will announce it. You will also get an official email from Kingsisle if you make it into Closed Beta. 

I hope this helps anyone who was wondering when Beta was going to be released!

~ Edward Lifegem

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