August 25, 2012

Back from Maintenance!

Hello there!

Well I made a few more updates and didn't make another update I was planning on making but changed my mind. Here are a few things I've updated since Atswel has been down for Maintenance.

Wizard101's Page- I added more pictures for myself, HQ pictures.
Pirate101's Page- I've added more pictures that I haven't shown anyone yet and if you remember my companion post the other day I've added part of that too!
Fansite's Page- I've added pictures of the fansites for Wizard101 US, Wizard101 UK and Pirate101.
About Me- I've updated the page and added two pictures!
Background- Malistaire is mad because he just found out he might be evil in the Spiral but there's another Evil thing in another spiral.
Page Text- I updated the font, It had to be added it just fits the new blog design :)
Images- All images now have a white and blue border around them!

I really do hope you like the updates, make sure to check them all out :)

~Edward Lifegem

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