August 17, 2012

Blog Updates and IPad blogging!


I'm writing from my iPad and if you haven't noticed I made a testing 123 post earlier to see if I could blog from my iPad. Well I'm glad I can! Glad I found out since I won't be able to blog from my laptop. This may mean more spelling mistakes including skalajfos or sjwiencj. Yeah don't ask me what those words mean (if that's what they are) because I have no idea :) anyways,  Autumn and I finally made the background fit, it's not an HD kind of picture it looks more like a painting huh? :) well that's the new background! I hope you enjoy it and my spelling words above :D I can't wait to show you the great new changes soon!! Hopefully they are done on time, remember my posting will always be the same! Just wanted to tell you guys :) I will be posting more today!

See y'all around the spiral!

~Edward Lifegem

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