August 8, 2012

More Updates on Atswel!

Hello there!

Lately you may have noticed there have been more updates on this blog. I am doing this for the end of the year. I have been planning big things for this blog and I hope you enjoy them! I am not only waiting for the end of the year, I am starting some of my plans now! In this post I'm going to show you some new things I am doing...

Read More Option:

I decided to take this option off. There are different posts for Wizard101 and Pirate101. I don't want everyone getting confused once you click on the read more option and it taking you to a different screen. Lets just keep it simple :) I hope you enjoy this new update. I removed the read more option for this post.

Page Updates:

I am trying to make this blog a more helpful site to go to. I updated most of the pages (Tabs Above) to make them more helpful. Pirate101, Wizard101 and Online Safety is updated a lot more. I hope you look at those new updated pages with more information on them. Information will be added to those pages soon. I really want everyone to look at the online safety page first though, I added a bit more information about online safety, I really hope you all take time to look at the online safety page :)


There won't be a change with my posting other than it being a little bit more helpful. I really want to sound like myself when posting and not make it boring. Don't worry about that :) Some posts may be boring but I always try to add something in there that will make it less boring a joke, saying my posts are weird, or whatever! I really want you all to enjoy coming to this blog and not saying "Time to go to Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem for the news... ugh" Lol! :) Anyways, I hope you enjoy my new changes on my blog, please comment below and tell me what you think about the changes in the next few months okay? Thank you for reading and following my blog everyone!!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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