August 10, 2012

Pirate101 Beta, How I made it??

Hello there!

I'm going to make a post that I should make to help everyone feel a little bit better. You're probably thinking I made it into beta because of my blog, well that may be and trying to force online safety! I have to tell all of my new readers something though. If you're trying to get in Beta and thinking that everyone who was chosen for Beta made it just because.. that's wrong. Last year at this time I wasn't doing very good because of a group called the WCP? Ever hear of it? It was a mistake and I didn't know it wasn't allowed on Wizards. I was reported and muted one time because of it, and I didn't think I would have a good relationship with KI and to tell the truth I was thinking about quitting the game. I decided that I would show KI that I didn't mean to do that and show them that they could trust me and I wasn't bad. Its been over a year and its not as bad as last year. Now I'm wondering how I made it into Pirate101 Beta sometimes! I'm glad I did though :) I make online safety posts and try to help. I think that's why I was chosen but, I really don't know. I really do thank Kingsisle for choosing me though! Now you understand that its not just because they wanted me in Beta in the first place and I really don't know why, I guess I was just lucky! Now if I had all of those situations and made it, you guys can make it too. All of the other bloggers and great Wizards and Pirates made it because of their commitment. They are really great people and I say they deserve it :) I am very glad they made it. Please don't be rude to anyone about not getting into Beta because that is just counting as being rude and you never know if KI can see that or not. Anyways, I hope this post makes sense! I don't really know if it will because part of it doesn't make sense to me ;) Good luck getting into Beta!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Anonymous said...

It's completely random, nothing has an affect on whether or not you're picked. I thought it had to do with how long you've been playing the game (Wiz101), but I was wrong because I've been playing since closed beta.

Goon, blog admin at