August 5, 2012

Pirate101 Closed Beta & NDA (Part 2)


A few days ago  I was very excited writing the post about Pirate101 Closed Beta that I forgot to write a few things on the post! I wanted to tell you all a few more things about the NDA.

NDA- This stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. For Pirate101 you can not give out any information about Pirate101. No pictures, No Videos, No Details, Nothing about the game at all!  Don't tell anyone, this has to be top secret! Kingsisle gave you a Beta key to test out the game before its released to the public. We need to keep it a secret until they release it to the public. I'm pretty sure there will be consequences if you do give out information to anyone. Please don't let that happen. You can however say if you have a Beta Key or not. Kelsey Fireheart found out about that Friday when she asked J Todd Coleman if we could say if we have a Beta Key or not. He said we could tell players if we were chosen for beta but we can't give out videos, pictures or talk about the game system. He ended it saying we could say (I'm in, and its cool, but I can't give any details) he said that is fine. Since we can say that....


Haha :) It is cool, COOL, COOOOL!!!! There we go :) I had to get that out there :) Anyways, if I will never give out details about the game, you can too! Please show everyone how a Pirate can keep secrets? We're the Beta players, lets test this game out for KI so they can get it perfect for the public :) 

More Information about NDA:

See you Beta Players around the Spiral! 

~ Edward Lifegem

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