August 3, 2012

Pirate101 Closed Beta & NDA

Ahoy Mateys!

The time has finally come, Pirate101 Closed Beta has finally begun! It been a long wait, it was first announced in April and now its already August! Its going to last several weeks, so make sure you are ready for feedback before its released to the public!

Remember if you are chosen for Pirate101 Closed Beta you can't tell anyone about it! No details whatsoever. That's the reason the game isn't being released to public right away, they want to get it ready and then release it for everyone to see all at once, not before when everyone who's playing Beta to release details of it. Anyways, I only wanted to make this short post so everyone knew an extra time that they can't tell everyone else about it. Good luck everyone :) I hope you get a Beta Key for P101! Remember to test out all of the features and tell Kingsisle what you think!

If you wasn't chosen, you still have a chance. Pirate101's Facebook Page will be giving out "special prizes" over the next several weeks. To learn another way to get into Pirate101 Beta click the link! 

Good luck Pirates on you adventures ;)

~Edward   Lifegem

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