August 22, 2012

Pirate101 Companions

Ahoy Pirates!

Welcome to a different kind of post explaining a few things you may want to know about Pirate101 Companions! Companions help you so you aren't defeated in a battle. They can be as strong as you want them to be. You have to level them though..

Step 1: Level your Companions

- You have to use training points to level your companions. These training points can level your companions a little bit. If you haven't used a few training points for awhile and you want to level your other companions, lets say the level 8 Bull Ronin and you decide to use one training point to train your companion it will level a few levels! When leveling your companion you can get select 8 talents or click on the same talent two times AND you choose an Epic Talent! You can level your companions with you.

Strength increases the damage for the companions for weapons. Your companion has strength with their normal attack as it progresses but you can make them stronger with Strength! You can choose that for a talent you can also cast a spell that will give them and you extra Strength!


Agility increases damage for ranged weapons. This means if you're shooting far away from an enemy with a gun that shoots lightning you can increase the damage by choosing this talent for your companion. You also have spells to cast to get this talent!


Will increases damage for magical attacks. 


Accuracy improves the chance that your attacks will hit the enemy.This is like Wizard101, by that I mean you will miss if you don't have enough accuracy and if you do have enough you have more of a chance of hitting the enemy! 

Dodge decreases the chance that the enemy attacks will hit you. Dodge can be good and bad. Good if you have enough of it, and bad if the enemy does. Dodge will help your Pirate a lot, it will also help your Companion of course.


Armor will help reduce damage from Physical attacks.


The range of damage an attack will simply deal. 


Resistance helps reduce damage taken from magical attacks.


Pirate101's website may have not mentioned this but when you train your companion they gain health too. The more health, the better chance of them not dying in the battle! :)

Some are left blank (Only what Pirate101 says) because there's not so much to explain about it, its more like Wizard101 :) You'll understand it by looking. 

Step 2: Make sure to Equip your Companions

- Some of you are probably wondering how to equip your companions right? Well when you start Pirate101 you will be able to equip your companions by click and holding on a companions and scrolling over the Companion Screen and then you can have it as your firstmate! You can equip any companion you would like to equip. 

Step 3: Battle with enemies your companions!

Companions are very helpful. When you join Pirate101 you will notice that no matter what. They are more helpful than the pets on Wizard101. Companions are your crew, never forget about them, they are the ones that help you throughout the game with the Armanda! Lets bring back ratbeard and you'll understand how!

Ratbeard to the Rescue!

Did I tell you guys once you join Pirate101 during the tutorial you will meet your first companion?! Different schools get different companions though, here's the Buccaneer first Companion :)

My First Companion (Buccaneer)

I hope you enjoyed my Companion post! See you in the Spiral.

~ Edward Lifegem



Nicholas LionRider said...

Heh a similar list goes for my beta character. I'm also a buccaneer and my originals are the lowest leveled even though they have been their since the begining. I have howevered leveled up Barnabus since he is just awesome to me. But even though it's everyone's personal story and your supposed to get attached to your companions, but people always make their stronger ones that don't even need to be leveled up because you get them at level 19 or whatever. And so it is funny to see this.

Edward Lifegem said...

Haha Yeah I have one original one, Ratbeard... well kinda! I want him to be my main pet during the beta Phase, I love the new one though, the horse that's level 21, he's my 2nd favorite. That's weird, I guess buccaneers think alike huh? :)

ThatFrostweaver said...

What is the first companion for swashbuckler?

Unknown said...

Subodai-Horse Barbarian

Class: Buccaneer
Epic Abilities from start: Vengeance Strike and Guaranteed critical strike.

Dark Courtney Davis | Lvl 47 Swashbuckler