August 14, 2012

Pirate101 Fansite?

Ahoy Everyone!

I wanted to tell you guys that I put a poll up yesterday if I should keep trying for Pirate101 Fansite, well I have 10 votes for yes, 0 for no. I don't think no could beat that :) I really am glad you guys said yes because I'm going to keep trying! I have a few questions for you guys though..

What can I Add?

What do you think I could add to my blog that would make it look more like a Pirate101 Fansite? I've been trying to add as much as I can to my site and to tell the truth I've added more than I have ever added on this site :) If you have anything you think I should add comment below! 

What could I get rid of?

Like I said above I added a bunch of things to my site and if you think I should get rid of something I am willing to do that depending on what it is. I really want this site to be a great place everyone can visit :) Comment below if you have anything I should get rid of.

I really want this site to be a great place to visit even if I don't get to become a Pirate101 Fansite so please comment below, I really would like your help :) I don't want to change anything without your opinion. I have plenty of great things I will be doing at the end of this year... Contests, Helpful Tips and a lot more! I can't wait until you see this great change! This blog will always be a little bit weird though so I hope you don't mind that :) I love the way my posts are, and I hope you do too! Anyways, please comment below I really do want to hear what you would want me to add or get rid of. Thank you everyone, you're the reason this blog is even here :) You're the best friends ever!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward  Lifegem

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