September 18, 2012

Beta Players (Pirate101)

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101 has a beta character wipe tonight (very soon) and I've enjoyed leveling on my first ever Beta character, and my first character on Pirate101. Pirate101 is a very great game and I'm sure all of you will enjoy playing it. I've tested for a month and enjoyed it even if I didn't have much time to test the game out! Here's a statement for beta characters from the one and only One-Eyed Jack!

One-Eyed Jack

Beta Pirates!

We have truly appreciated those who have helped us forge ahead with Pirate101. Many have been wondering about their status in Beta as we move closer to the launch of the game. First, rest assured, those who are currently in the Beta will automatically be included in the week of early access, regardless of whether you purchase the Boochbeard bundle or not. Second, everyone who has actively played (meaning a player must have logged in and played during beta) in Beta will also be receiving a soon announced Beta gift (rest assured, it will be pretty epic). Third, we hope you have enjoyed your free play time in Beta in advance or hundreds of thousands of other interested players and had a lot of fun and enjoyment while simultaneously providing Kingsisle with feedback. Many entered, and few were chosen. Hopefully the Beta experience has been your finest reward, as it has been ours to work with such an outstanding community.

Thank you again for your support and happy sailing!

Thanks for choosing everyone in Beta, I out of I'm sure many enjoyed Beta. I can't wait until October because I want to see everyone else's response to this great game. This was the first time I've been in Beta for any game, I've enjoyed testing this game on Edward my buccaneer character and can't wait to try my new character (privateer) when the game is released to the public. I promise 99.9% of you will love this game, the other .1% will like it, I hope! I enjoyed Beta, and I can't wait to see the new build on the game!

See you around the Spiral, and I hope I see you around the Spiral too Kingsisle! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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