September 21, 2012

Pirate101 Bundles now selling! (More Information)

Ahoy Pirates!

The Boochbeard and Gandry bundles are now available to buy online on the Pirate101 Website! These bundles will be selling a limited time so make sure you buy one before they aren't avaliable. You won't have a chance to get any of the items again because they will be retired forever, only those who have bought one of the bundles will have the items. Down below I labeled the things you can get with a Boochbeard Bundle and Gandry Bundle.

Boochbeard & Gandry Bundle

Boochbeard Bundle

Boochbeard Bundle

Boochbeard Bundle (female version)

Boochbeard Bundle (male version)

Boochbeard Bundle

Boochbeard Bundle 

Both bundles give you a 12 month Pirate101 Membership and one week head start. The Boochbeard Bundle costs $90 and the Gandry Bundle costs $60. If you're having trouble trying to get the Boochbeard you have a better chance asking family right? Well Pirate101 gave us a better chance to ask family for donations on your Boochbeard bundle if you're having trouble getting one (don't have enough money). You can ask friends and family to help you if you would like to get this bundle. 

If you click the link above, you can sign up for this and ask friends and family for help by sending them invitations, if you get all of the money you need for the bundle you will have to email Kingsisle and they will verify a code so you can finally receive the bundle. Good luck!

Thanks KI for adding the option, its really great that you would like to help those who can't afford it. I think its a great idea! 

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