September 17, 2012

Pirate101 Release Announced

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101's Release was finally announced today! Kingsisle plans to release Pirate101 in early October! Are you ready to start your Pirate101 adventures? Well you can start them early. A week earlier than anyone else. You can if you're in Beta or if you buy one of the new cards. They look like very nice cards too! Here they are and information about them:

Pirate101 Flagship Bundle

Boochbeard Bundle:
  • 12 Month Pirate101 Membership
  • One week head start Prior to Official Launch
  • Scarakeet Pet
  • Castaway's Cove House
  • Parrot Mount (the one on the side)
  • Cat Pirate's Companion
  • Ruby Slicer Weapon 
  • Automatic Inclusion in Closed Beta

This cost $89.99 online. If you always wanted to
be in included in Beta you really should get this 
right now! Your membership will begin right after 
the 1 week head start. It's available for a limited time! 

Gandry Bundle:

  • 12 Month Pirate101 Membership
  • One Week Head start Prior to Official Launch 
  • Scarakeet Pet
This bundle costs $59.99 online!

Here's a few important questions Kingsisle had on Pirate101's website that I think should be added on this post. I hope you don't mind the long post! :)

What is closed beta and how long does it last?

- Closed Beta is a testing period where a limited number of players can play Pirate101 and provide game feedback. It will last up until the one week Head Start, so players who buy the Boochbeard Bundle early on will have more of a chance to play Closed Beta than players who wait. At the end of closed Beta, Pirate characters will be wiped one last time. Once the one week head start begins, all characters are saved.

What is the one week head start?

- When the Pirate101 game launches, Beta players and people who bought the Boochbeard or Gauntry will get a one week head start on the game. The rest of the public will have to wait until the one week head start is over, and then Pirate101 will be available to everyone. This one week head start gives players to get a chance to quest and progress in the game before everyone else.

Can I get these items without Purchasing a bundle?

- No, these items will only be available with the purchase of the Boochbeard or Gandry bundle. These will be permanently retired when these exclusive bundles are no longer available. This is the only way to ever get the Scarakeet pet, Castaway's Cove, Parrot Mount, Cat Pirate companion, Dread Pirate's outfit, and the Ruby Slicer Weapon.

More questions answered here:

I love how they released two new packs on Pirate101, remember it starts September 19th and it is available for a limited time. Everyone should try to get these if their interested trying the one week head start or get into Beta. You will love Pirate101, its a great game! Take my word, this pet is not available in the Spiral. You'll notice someone have this pet though, maybe. Buy the pack if you have money to, remember its only available for credit card! Buy the pack on September 19th or buy it before its gone! 

See you around the Spiral soon! 

~ Edward Lifegem (Edward- Buccaneer) 

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