September 7, 2012

That's my favorite!

Hello there!

Today I wanted to make a short post to ask you something, this may be very important sometime later! What's your favorite feature on Wizard101? If you're a Beta player on Pirate101, whats your favorite feature on there? I'll tell you mine now!

My favorite feature on wizard101 is the friends and pet feature! I'm very glad they added that to wizard101 because wizard101 would be different without friends and the pets help a lot I don't know if I would like that! Would you?

On Pirate101 my favorite feature is the friends and companions. Similar to wizard101 with friends, the only thing different from pets and companions is that companions help you a lot more through the entire game!

What's your favorite feature? Maybe one day KI will read this post and they'll see what we like about the great games they have created! Comment below!

See you in the Spiral,

~Edward Lifegem

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