October 30, 2012

Puppet Pirates!

Boochbeard and Gandry are at it again, getting caught by enemies, you may notice on Pirate101 that they are always in some sort of trouble, by escaping from enemies, hanging over a lake of fire, even roaming through a spooky tunnel! Tradewinds Tribune says there's going to be a cartoon series over Boochbeard and Gandry! Who knows what sort of trouble they'll get into. It says that Pirate101's Facebook will be uploading the pictures and you get to think of the Caption ideas! They are planning on choosing their favorite captions and asking for votes. The one with the most votes will be added to the comic and added to the Pirate101 website! Wow! Kingsisle is becoming even more involved with the community. I think that's great :) I'm sure other game teams don't even ask for that much from the community. That's why Kingsisle is the best game team in the world :) (if aliens play video games- the universe)! See you in the Spiral.

Halloween- November!

Hello there!

First off, I would like to say Happy Halloween! I hope all of you have a great spooktacular Halloween and a safe one at that! I'm excited to say that the updates for this site is going to be made. I'm going to keep the posts though :) Do you see how I make my posts? A little bit random and interesting to read (I hope)! I'm going to keep that! There are going to be quite a few things I'm going to change though. I'm going to add a little bit of guides, not much I don't want to look too much like the other Fansites! I'm also going to change the background, header and all of the color on this blog. A few weeks ago I asked you all what I needed to change on this blog. New Header, New background with a mix of Pirate101 and Wizard101 together and more information on the Wizard101 and Pirate101 pages. All of those will be added :) I really do hope you like the changes! One last thing I'm hoping will come true with this update and a Fansite acceptance! With your help that can happen :) Its all about you! I will be submitting my site one last time to Pirate101, and if not accepted I won't submit again. Not because I'm mad, because I really want to enjoy blogging without worrying! If you could please do these steps below on comments. I really need your advice!

  1. Comment Step 1- What to remove!
  2. Comment Step 2- What to Add!
  3. Comment Step 3- Your favorite post

It would mean a lot if you did. I would like to see what you come up with! Thanks again everyone, it means a lot that you're reading this blog! I wish I could show you how much I'm glad that all of you are following or reading this blog! See you around the Spiral and once again...

October 29, 2012

Edward makes it to Mooshu!

Ahoy Pirates!

No Wizards, not Wizard101 Mooshu, Pirate101 Mooshu! It took awhile for me to finally get out of Cool Ranch and that's why I haven't been blogging lately, I have been very busy trying to fight chickens, roosters, cowboys, snakes...... something I'm terrified of! I couldn't believe my pirate finally made it through after defeating Captain Blood! Wow he was a really bad fight, not the worse though... Deacon, do you remember him from the tutorial of the game? I had to fight him too! I died a couple of times trying to defeat him, I was about to give up and log out the third time until one of my companions did a relentless which saved our lives and we finally defeat him.

After a little while after defeating him I got my ticket to Mooshu from Captain Avery! I was very excited, I've been leveling so much and I was glad I finally had my ticket to Mooshu!

Once I got to Mooshu I changed from my Cool Ranch robes to Mooshu robes because they are the most epic gear in the Spiral! I am very glad they have nice stats and not only that, they also look more like high level gear! Oh, did I tell you Mooshu has a little bit of music from Wizard101 just like Wizard101's Mooshu? You'll have to see when you get there, until then.. see you in the Spiral!

October 25, 2012

Is it just me? (Wizard101 Worlds)

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure you heard of the new world Azteca that is planned to be released in November. This world consists of Dinosaurs, New Level 88 spells and gear, mounts and a lot of other great things! If you would like to know more about this world go to this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/update-notes/november2012

Now to seeing if the Wizard101 worlds is going too fast, if you don't want to read this you can close out of this post. Here it is.. Ask yourself how fast the worlds were released in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Now ask yourself how fast the worlds are being released now, 2011 and 2012. Here's a list of worlds from 2008- 2010. 


These were much easier years to level for me, were they to you? In 2008 they had the main worlds up to Mooshu. They released Dragonspyre in January of 2009. Then Celestia was released in October of 2010. That was a very lengthy amount of time to level your wizards through the world and not go too fast. I loved this time period, that's how I made so many Wizards and enjoyed leveling! 


Not my favorite period of worlds being released. They waited over a year to release another world Zafaria , I didn't have any trouble accessing this world, all of my Wizards were at this place and I'm not worried because I'm only planning on leveling a few wizards. I leveled my fire, storm and ice through and then another world was released.. Avalon, in May of 2012, months ago. I only leveled my fire and ice through this world and now Azteca is planned to released in November (next month). Its going way too fast Kingsisle.

Dragonspyre+Celestia= 21 months
Zafaria+Avalon+Azteca= 12 months. Unbelievable. 

This is why a few people are having trouble leveling through the game now days, KI if you're reading please go a little bit slower, I love the worlds you're adding it just makes it less enjoyable to level fast and then hear people begging for a new world after a few weeks!

October 23, 2012

How to Report a Bug on Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates! Today I really wanted to make a post about bug reporting (Since I've had many). Not complaining, but I really want everyone to know how to report a bug so these type of bugs don't happen to everyone. If one day you walk out of a Classroom on Pirate101 and end up at the Skull Island docks (the picture above) you have to report the bug. To report a bug click on the yellow arrow and scroll to Options. Click on the Customer Service tab on the game. Eventually you will end up on the screen below, make sure to click on Report a Bug.

Step 1: Pirate101 Website

Step 2: Pirate101 Website

You can also look through the website to find out if you can fix the bugs on your own! (https://www.pirate101.com/CustomerSupport/free_game) Good luck questing through the Spiral and I hope this post makes sense, and will help you with bugs on the game. Have fun in the Spiral!

October 20, 2012

Wizard101: Christmas!

Hello Wizards!

No Christmas hasn't arrived yet, but in two short months it will! Lets talk about what kind of Christmas things we have on Wizard101 and my ideas that I would love added! Yesterday Dalia Falmea did another Feedback Friday, asking what are favorite holidays that we like to celebrate and how we would celebrate it in the Spiral. First holiday I thought of was Christmas of course! Then I thought of Halloween how we celebrate this upcoming holiday and how we could celebrate Christmas on Wizard101, before I get ahead of myself here's what Wizard101 Christmas is like..

What is Christmas like on Wizard101? (2008-2011)

  • Mounts- New mounts are added for the Christmas season such as Candy Cane mounts. 
  • Gear- Santa and Mrs. Clause gear.
  • Pets- the elves and snowman pet

My Idea of Christmas on Wizard101 (2012--)

  • Presents- Do you know how Halloween is? How we go to each pumpkin to get our treats? Well we could go to each present scattered around Wizard City to get gold or cards... Whatever a present includes on Wizard101!
  • Frosty- No don't be confused with Frost Giant. Do you know Hallow Jack? Well instead of him and the other scarecrows we could have snowmen (the nice ones not evil!) to send us to our quest to help Santa Clause prepare to deliver in the Spiral.
  • More Gear- Other than the Santa and Mrs. Clause outfits we could have something like that but something that mixes in with Christmas and our actual gear! 

  • Yum! I mean... Gingerbread Tower!- If you know of the Halloween towers in Ravenwood, during Christmas we could have a Christmas Tower or Gingerbread Tower, this tower consists of evil snowmen and at the very top of the tower we have to fight off a Banshee to claim the tower back and enjoy eating..... I mean the rewards we get after defeating her!
  • Packs- These packs can contain special Christmas items we have in the Spiral, mounts, more gingerbread.. uh.. Okay I'm hungry! Anyways... gear, and anything Christmas you can think of! These packs will cost 399 crowns and be called Rudolph Pack. 

Do you like my idea for Christmas in the Spiral? I'm sure there's plenty of things I forgot, maybe you can share your ideas or comment about this idea which I'm sure has spread throughout the Spiral. This is the first time I even thought of this (other than the last 3 years) Lol! Well maybe not ;) I hope you like my post and..... Here's an Early   

October 17, 2012

1st Pirate101 Commercial!

Ahoy Pirates!

Yesterday Kingsisle released Pirate101's first commercial! I am very glad that we are all here to actually view that, not much of us had a chance to view Wizard101's first commercial.. Here's the videos of Pirate101 and Wizard101 Commercials! Do you like them? :) I certainly do!

Pirate101's first Commercial 
-Released October 16th 2012

Wizard101's first Commercial
-Viewed first in 2008!

Thank you Kingsisle for the best games in the world! I absolutely love them along with 30 million other players! I may have said this 30 million times, but.. Kingsisle is the best game team in the world! I really hope you get a lot of players for Pirate101 (I know there will be) and can't wait to see more success you get the end of this year and the coming year. Oh and I hope you get an interview one day from GMA Friendly, Lydia and Todd! You deserve it :) All of you at Kingsisle do!

October 16, 2012

Interview Week- Our Pirate101 Community Manager (Tom Purdue)

Ahoy Pirates! I've got a great interview with the one and only Friendly Necromancer, Thomas Lionblood, Tom Purdue, One Eyed Jack or whatever you wish to call him! He's the most epic Wizard/ Pirate in the Spiral! Oh and Ian Stormstaff you won the contest, you guessed right of what person I was going to interview, you get a choice of a Wizard101 or Pirate101 $10 card at the end of the year contest! Congratulations :) Here's the great interview you've been waiting for!

Hey Tom! Lets start off the interview and ask you how you found out that you made Community Manager for Pirate101?

I found out about being a Community Manager one week after being invited to Kingsisle to play in the Pirate101 Alpha! As an active blogger in the Wizard101 Community, it tore me up to keep it all a secret, but since the game had not been announced yet, there really was no way to share my happiness with the community until the time was right, which was May 9th. You can read more about it here: http://thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com/2012/05/ding-new-badge-earned.html

Were you surprised when you found out you would be the new Community Manager for Pirate101?

I was completely surprised! You couldn't pick my jaw off the floor for a month! The job offer really did come out of nowhere, and I had no idea it would be offered to me the way it was. Kingsisle had always been a fantastic company in my eyes, and it was just too good of a fit for me to pass up.

What did you think of Pirate101 when you first had a chance to test (play) it?

I thought it was amazing and knew it would be a huge success, but it was also very rough, too easy, unfinished, and I completed MooShu with only casual play in about three weeks. LOL, but that's just how an Alpha of a game goes. When I was playing the game, broadside combat hadn't even been introduced yet. The game now is a rich and complex experience and really like two games in one with a lot of nice touches and an outright hilarious and compelling story. I'm enjoying the game even more now that it's live and my characters won't be deleted for a fourth time. ;)

Do you think Pirate101 will be as successful as Wizard101? (I know it will be!)

Even as lofty as a goal as it is for a game to be as successful as Wizard101, I do! I think we've got something truly amazing here that's going to turn a lot of heads. I'm also excited to see all of the players who try Pirate101 without having ever played Wizard101 before.

So you've been a Pirate101 community manager for a few months, do you have a favorite day?

I'm currently very busy as the community is in full swing and very talkative. The first few days of launch here really are long days full of talking with players and Kingsisle employees alike. This morning in particular I've been on email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pirate101 Central, our other great fansites, our own Pirate101 forums answering questions, moderating posts, reviewing content, and forwarding hot topics on the right people here at Kingsisle. Someone needs to let everyone know what's going on in our community, and that's just one part of my job!

(That's a very busy day Tom! Good luck to you all!) Now.. There's a few people that have a favorite Pirate101 school and attack, what's yours? :)

I'm a Witchdoctor fan myself; although, all the classes offer something unique. I picked up the "Da Claw" rare drop from Buster Crab a couple weeks ago plus I'm wearing the Tier One Dread Pirate's gear, and it's making me want to play a Swashbuckler. ALso, the AoE attacks like Mojo Strike are a ton of fun, and of course health drains like Jobu's Breath make me feel right at home since I love Necromancers in Wizard101.

(Same here Tom, my first character is a Witchdoctor! I love the School) What's your favorite Character, Pet, Companion and world?

My favorite character is One-Eyed Jack of course! For pets, I'm liking the Skarakeet lately. For worlds, I just love Skull Island. My favorite companion keeps changing, but all the mainline characters are great. Have you seen the cat pirate's dance after he defeats an enemy? Awesome. Kan Po when he's fully promoted? Awesome. Bonnie Anne's bag of tricks? Awesome. I'm sure you feel the same about this... every companion has something different about them that I really like.

(I'm hoping I see all of those things soon, my favorite Companions are two you just mentioned! Kan Po and Bonnie Anne!) Here's an older question, its okay though! What's one thing you can tell everyone about Pirate101 if they aren't in Beta?

I know this question is old now (sorry it took me so long to answer it), but the main thing I would like to tell everyone is simply... "welcome!" I'm glad you're all here playing now and seeing exactly how awesome this world is first hand!

Do you have anything you could share with everyone that no one knows about Pirate101 yet?

Oh there's plenty of surprises in store for players. I would like people to know that we are hearing all the requests for the amazing features that have been added to Wizard101 over the past four years. A lot of those same features (or rather, similar features) are coming to Pirate101, but much like Wizard101, they'll have to be implemented in their own due time. We'll have a bazaar! It's just going to take some time before it happens.

We heard about the Boochbeard and Gandry bundles, do you think there will be any other bundles in the future for Pirate101 and Wizard101 memberships together?

Again, I know this is an older interview question that I'm just answering (and you probably already know this), but the Cutthroat Bundle at Gamestop is super fun, and the Admiral's Bundle from Walmart is a great collection of items you won't be able to find anywhere else! Since the bundles are immensely popular, you can be sure we'll be making more of them in the future.

Will there best a test realm for Pirate101, when new content is added? Wizard101 Test realm being an example.

Yes! Although it isn't available for download yet, we will have a test realm for Pirate101, and you'll see the bug report and Control+C functionality return in that environment. It will operate much like Wizard101's Test Realm.

Those are all of the questions! Thanks again for accepting the interview :) You're truly the best community manager Pirate101 could have and could ya tell Lydia she's the best community manager Wizard101 could have? :) Thank you!

Thanks for the interview and thanks to everyone in the community for being happy and fun to work with.

Interview Week (Chris Drakeflame)

Ahoy! Today we're doing two Interviews! This is the first interview with Chris Devereaux (Chris Drakeflame- Wizard) This is his first interview! I am glad I asked him for an interview, I was planning on interviewing him a lot of times before but I never got a chance to ask him! Glad I can now :) I really hope you enjoy this interview! Here we go :) 

Hello Chris! Before we start the interview, could you tell everyone how you got started on Wizard101 and Pirate101?

Well, this is actually an interesting question for me. Three years ago, I remember watching Spongebob, when I saw an advertisement for Wizard101 which looked very interesting. Immediately, I got on the computer, downloaded and started my adventure in Wizard City! I remember after playing through the tutorial and defeating Malistaire's henchman, having to wait around 30 minutes in Golem Tower for everything to load. Thus, Chris Drakeflame was born. Pirate101 was a necessity, of course! I was given a Beta Key for community work, and immediately started playing - Not much of a story. ;)

Lets talk a little bit more about Pirate101, it launched yesterday and everyone was very excited about the launch! How excited were you? 

Well, being a player who has been at it for almost two months already since Beta, nothing surprises me much anymore about the game, other than the fact that as you keep questing, it becomes more and more fun! 

You have a Pirate101 Blog called That Swashbuckler, what or who inspired you to create your blog?

Another interesting question. I was just giving out Polar Cat, Simbah, a bath in the Commons pond on a Sunday morning, since humongofrog messed up his icy fur. Afterwards I was looking for something to do, besides that difficult Avalon quests, I found out that many of my Twizard friends (including you, Edward) had blogs, so I decided to give blogging a shot!

Do you have any goals for That Swashbuckler?

To be honest, all I want is for people to enjoy reading it. :)

Are you planning on submitting That Swashbuckler to Pirate101 for official?

The answer probably merges with that previous question. - No I'm not. You see, having an official Fansite is a lot of responsibility, and much is expected of you. I don't quite think I'm ready for that as yet, since I barely have any time to post, because all of my schoolwork etc. I enjoy helping out on Stars of the Spiral, so right now, that's enough for me. :)

Do you have any advice for anyone that is planning on creating a blog/site?

Just remember, have fun and be yourself. Don't just make a site because you want to get it official, it should be because you want people to enjoy your posts and experiences. :) Remember, when you start a site, you have 0 views/followers. Its your job to continue working on the site and make it interesting. I've seen a lot of people quit blogging because only a few people constantly read their blogs, but do not let that bother you. Once you develop a passion for what you do, you will gain a decent audience. :)

You're a very nice Twizard on Twitter, I've seen so much prizes you have won from Contests and you decide to give them away to the community to be nice, how are you so nice?!

Well.. LOL. I really can't answer this, but I'll try! I know there are a lot of people in the community that are not as privileged as myself to win contests often. so I try to have contests of my own to help them out. Anyhow, don't think of me as kind, I'm very evil. Just the other day, I took a potato chip from someone's pack, and *psst*.. I didn't even say please. ;)

O: Chris! I don't think anyone reading this could do something that evil! LOL! I mean... x worried because you're evil x Okay.... Rofl, next question! Can you name your favorite attack on Pirate101 and Spell on Wizard101?

Pirate101 Attack? Hmm, I'd have to say that Sarah Steel's critical attack in which adventurous music plays, is my favorite at the moment, being only level 11. For Wizard101 spell, I'd go with Sirens. I was a little jealous when I first heard Storm Wizards got to control evil mermaids, while Ice Wizards, such as myself, only got to command a huge, snowman-murdering Mammoth!

What about the sun?! And time to conclude the interview! Is there any other advice or anything you would like to say to the readers?

Yes, never weigh a llama on your normal house-scale. Llamas weigh between 200.3-450.75 pounds, and will quite frankly, break the scale. :) Thank you very much for this opportunity, Edward! This has been my first interview (believe it or not) and I am pleased that someone as awesome as you who conducted it. :)

Thank you Chris, I'm glad someone as awesome as you accepted the interview! You're a great Wizard/ Pirate and I am glad I had a chance to interview, thank you so much! :) And nice fact! LOL You are funny!  

October 15, 2012

Pirate101 Launches to the Public today!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today, October 15th 2012, Pirate101 will be available for everyone to play! Surprising, time has gone by so fast, but I'm glad it has because everyone that's played Pirate101 gets to see everyone's reaction to this great game! I would like to give you a few tips to help prepare you for this game, so if you don't mind.. :)

  • Side Quests: I've noticed that a few side quests give nautical experience! I don't really known if the other worlds do that, but I do know that Skull Island does. I completed side quests to get at least 70 nautical experience with each quest (4 quests all together) Nautical experience is how far you level with your Pirate Ship.. Defeating other ships.
  • Battle Technique: Don't worry! You'll understand this soon! If you've played Wizard101 awhile, it may take some getting used to. You will understand it after awhile though. This new Battle Technique is great, lots of great attacks and let me mention that when you're battling on your ship you will see spells that are similar to Wizard101 that you can use on other enemy ships!
  • Purchase a Membership: I'm sorry but like Wizard101 after awhile you will need to purchase a membership. You will reach a place called the Private Dock in Jonah Town, this is the place where the free places ends. Its where you get your second Pirate Ship, so if you want to purchase a membership make sure to go to the Pirate101 website and scroll to the Shop Icon to see what memberships you can buy. Or crowns. 
  • Companions are Important: Your companions help you a lot more than you think they will, these companions needs to be trained, every time you see you get Practice Points (Training Points) you should train your companions. You can also save points for later on and level your lower level companions that you haven't had a chance to level. This will level it farther than normally if you wait!
  • Have Fun! This is the last piece of advice I could give you! Don't level too fast on the game, make sure to look at the game and enjoy it :) If you level fast you may miss something you really needed to see! This game is not like Wizard101 when you level, you need to pay extra attention or you won't understand what's going on (the story-line). I love this game and I would like to Thank Kingsisle for the best game ever! Thank you so much!

Click Me! 

October 11, 2012

Contest Update (October 11th 2012)


Well... The contest... Its going to be changed everyone. I'm so sorry. The contest I'm going to have will not have 14 wizard cards and $20 worth of gifting on Wizards and Pirates. The next contest I'm going to have is..... I hope you like it!

10x10x10 Wizard101 Cards!

Yes that's the contest.. +

10x10x10 Pirate101 Cards!!!

Yes I'm giving away $10 10 Wizard101 cards to 10 people and $10, 10 Pirate101 Cards, to 10 people! That's 20 cards from Wizard101 and Pirate101 worth $200 dollars! This contest is not going to be like the last one, there will be parties, giveaways at the parties, all together a huge contest! Remember though, there may be a reschedule depending on when everyone has their finals and Christmas break. It depends so it may be early next year and renamed 2013 contest! I can't wait until you guys see what kind of party I have planned for you :) See you in the Spiral!

Interview Week (Blaze Shadownhorn)

Its not the same week! More like one week later, I'm sorry everyone! Here's the next interview :) This interview is with Blaze Shadowhorn! I've been wanting to interview him for awhile and I'm sure you will love this interview as much as I do! I interviewed him over a week ago, and I'm glad to finally post the interview! Here it is!

Me: Hello Blaze! Before we start this interview could you tell everyone a little about yourself and how you got started on Wizard101?

Blaze: Sure! My main W101 character, Blaze Shadowhorn, is a level 62 thaumaturge and I sometimes play on my alts. Alex Hawk (Level 60 Pyromancer), Alex Earthgem (59 Theurgist) and Brahm Deathwraith (75 Necromancer). I have been playing Wizard101 and Pirate101 since Beta and I remember the first day I got caught into it. It was fifth grade and I was going over to my friends Evan's house. A few people played Wizard101 in my grade and Evan started playing it at his house. He told me what it was and what you do and honestly, I originally thought it wasn't for me. Then when I got home that day, I downloaded Wizard101 to try it out and found out it wasn't half bad. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with it.

Me: (That's awesome! Glad you decided to test it out!) Now.. You have a blog called Tales of the Spiral, recently MyWizard101Site, what or who inspired you to start blogging?

Blaze: For me, I really never knew about the community till a year after I started playing W101. I remember coming across the blog The Friendly Necromancer where I found this neat information on W101. I then saw how many other people had blogs and fansites and I wanted to start my own site so I created mywizard101site. Yes, not the most amazing name but it was fun. After awhile, I switched over to blogger where I have been blogging the past two years. I now run Tales of the Spiral where I blog constantly about all things Wizard101 and Pirate101 related.

Me: (You won't believe this Blaze, but my site was called... Wizard101.. Nope, nothing else to it, I think Malorn remembers that! LOL) Okay next question! Do you have any plans on submitting your blog to Wizard101 or Pirate101 for Fansite? I know you're submitting to Wizard101 UK, Good luck!

Blaze: Yes I do actually. October 5th, I am going to resubmit my blog to be official for Pirate101 which I am so excited for and I have also also submitted to become an official Wizard101 UK blogger.

Me: (Same here for Pirate101! Good luck Blaze :) ) Now to Pirate101, When Pirate101 started Beta and you were chosen, what did you think of the game once you started playing??

Blaze: I wasn't even physically in the game before I was mind-blown! The log in screen blew my mind away with all of the amazing graphics and visuals it included. Once I got into Pirate101, I was in awe of how every time you log in, it plays the short little clip of Pirate101. Then the graphics and the detail KI put into Pirate101 was unbelievable. It was overwhelming. Going into P101, I knew the combat style would be different and that it was more hand-to-hand combat which I really liked. Nevertheless, I was absorbed into Pirate101 once I started playing it.

Me: What's your favorite Wizard101 and Pirate101 attack?

Blaze: Favorite attack huh? In Pirate101, really like the special attack of Bonnie Annie. How she shoots the ball of electricity at the enemy. In Wizard101, that is a very hard choice. I would probably have to go classic by saying Frost Giant. I have always loved that spell and it's one I always used in Combat.

Me: (Back to your blog!) Do you have secret plans for Tales of the Spiral that you don't mind sharing with us? 

Blaze: As for the future of Tales of the Spiral, I can say that there will be many contests within the next year, more guides being added, tons of new content and much more!

Me: You're a great Ice Wizard, and I would like to ask if there's any tips you can give to any Ice Wizards reading this interview.

Blaze: Tips for a Thaumaturge. I would love to! First of all, in my personal opinion, I prefer to have a higher attack and use my gear to increase my attack rather than going for high health. Since ice has the highest natural health, I tend to work on other skills. A few helpful cards to keep in your  spell deck at all times are Ice Blaze, Tower, Ice Prism (you never know when it will come in handy) and Freeze. As for PvP, I have found that it is best to do 2-4 person PvP because Ice is also based off of multiple enemy attacks (frost giant, snow angel, etc.) Always have 2-3 legion shields and 4-6 tower shields in your deck (add more treasure cards if necessary.) Bosses, there aren't many ice ones but when you come across them, don't forget to use your Ice Prisms and your secondary schools. You can also check out a guide I wrote awhile on Ice Tips by clicking here.

Me: This has been great interview! To conclude the interview, is there any advice you can give to anyone planning on starting a blog or those that have?

Blaze: Everyone starts off at the same spot. 0 followers and 0 views. Just keep working hard and never give up and I can guarantee those numbers will increase. Also, the best way to spread the word about your blog and new posts is by creating a Twitter, Facebook Page, and become friendly with the other community members. Always remember that because you cannot spell Fansite without FAN and it symbolizes how you should be blogging because you enjoy doing so. Not because you want publicity and fame etc. If you're natural and unique and try your hardest, the views and followers will come. "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." - Back to the Future

Thanks Again Ed for this interview opportunity. I really enjoyed it and hope the readers gain a lot out of it. See you in the Spiral! 


Me: Thank you so much Blaze, and you're welcome! Love your advice to new bloggers :) Don't do like I did and be rude to some of the community leaders (last year, part of this year), that does not help and its not nice to be mean! I found out the hard way! Make sure you're always friendly to everyone you know, not just the community leaders but everyone! My advice for blogging would be keep doing what you enjoy! If someone says you can't do it that doesn't mean you can't, if you know you can you can, if you don't you don't. Its only up to you, you choose what you want to do! I love blogging for fun and getting the news out in the Spiral in a family friendly weird sort of way ;) You should enjoy blogging just as much as all of us, not just because of fame but because you love blogging and you love it when you gain new readers to read your posts :) Good luck Wizards and Pirates!

Nightmare Pack Updated!

Kingsisle: Your favorite Halloween game card  pack is back! From now until November 1st, the nightmare pack is now back in the Crowns shop! The updated pack gives your wizard a chance at new Halloween items including dead beets seed, Penumbra Drake pet, nightrunner mount and cloudstrider Pegasus mount! 


Wow, Another new pack has been released! This time its a Halloween Pack, it looks like a very spooky pack too. Like Kingsisle says above it includes some pretty epic items! I can't wait to see them in game and hopefully buy them! I love the horse up above! I wonder what Jack thinks about that? This has to be the spookiest pack that Wizard101 has ever released. Well maybe not since its updated! Are you excited about this pack? Please give feedback and what you think about this new Halloween pack! Also if you like the pack include your favorite item in this new pack! Have a spooky Halloween wizards! :)

October 10, 2012

Pirate101 Classes (Witchdoctor)


For the next 5 days I'm going to make posts about the schools of Pirate101! The first school I really would like to make a post about is the Witchdoctor School. This school is full of voodoo spells, and this school has its way of defeating an enemy. Here's a few more things you should know about this school if you're planning on creating a Witchdoctor once the game is released!

- The Witchdoctor Classroom is located in Avery's Court in Skull Island. You will notice the witchdoctor school before all schools because you will see a green fog coming from the school!

- The trainer of the Witchdoctor School is Madame Vadima. It is told she was a student from Pigswick Academy. No one knows much about her.. She is serious about your studies of the Witchdoctor school, you'll have to prove to her that you're going to be a great Witchdoctor!

First Companion: 
- The Witchdoctors first Companion (Kan Po) is a very helpful companion. He helps you defeat the Armanda troops in the beginning Tutorial and you get to keep him forever, he's your first companion and in my words strongest in the beginning!


- The Witchdoctors attacks are very magical (voodoo) They kind of remind me of Death Wizards. They can heal themselves while attacking an enemy. They can also hit more than one enemy like the pictures on the side shows. Witchdoctors are very cool Pirates,  if you should call them that. I have a witchdoctor right now and its a very great school, I have no problem with dying. I do die sometimes though, none of the classes are invincible :) This school has to be my favorite class, it brings back Wizard101!

That sums up the main things about the Witchdoctor school, remember this is for fun :) I really want to prepare anyone that hasn't had a chance to play Pirate101 to experience it here and be prepared! I hope you liked it! Are you planning on choosing the Witchdoctor School? Comment below and yell Witchdoctor if you are or have!

October 9, 2012

Admiral's Bundle

Kelsey Fireheart posted about a new card called the Admiral Bundle today! This card is in Walmart stores! It has items Marleybone Warship, Bulldog Companion, Naval Outfit, Military Sabre, Crow's Nest Housing Add-On and a 1 Month Membership or Crowns! If you look closely at the card you can see you all of the items included. This gets me thinking about new Pirate101 cards later in other locations such as Toys-R-Us, Dollar General, etc. What more will they release?! I love all of the prepaid bundles/ cards. My favorite is this one right here, the Bulldog Companion reminds me of the Privateer teacher, not the same type of dog, but he just has that look! :) Can't wait to see this bundle in game! What's your favorite bundle/ prepaid card? Comment below! 

October 8, 2012

Pirate101 Head-Start Begins!


Pirate101 has finally released their head-start for players that were in Beta testing! That's not the only people that get to play Pirate101 early though. Pirates that bought the Boochbeard or Gandry Bundle, purchased a prepaid card, or redeem a Pirate101 certificate also get to participate in the one week head-start lasting from Today tothe morning of October 15th. (One week from now)

What can you do to start playing Pirate101 right now?

Good luck and I hope to see you in the Spiral soon. Pirate101 is a great game and you really should try your best to get one of the items above! Even if you don't want to play the one week head-start you should get one when Pirate101 is released October 15th!

October 7, 2012

Finish the Sentence!

My Favorite thing about Pirate101 (Beta) is........

The Future of this Site

Ahoy & Hello!

I really wanted to make this post because I feel that since I started blogging I've loved having many followers, that's the truth because I love that everyone reads and follows this blog! Not for "Fame" though. That would be weird, since I'm giving out huge contests and I'm looking for fame right? Lol! Anyways.. I've been wanting to add and remove a few things on this site. Today I was thinking to myself that I really need to remove the option to follow this blog. Then I remembered the contest I was having, the 200 members end of the year contest. Right after we get to 200 members I'll be removing the option to follow this blog. The truth is having a lot of members doesn't mean anything. What does mean something though is that you enjoy blogging for your readers! I usually make posts like this every once in awhile after thinking about this site. This isn't Wizard101 or Pirate101 news, but I really wanted to make the post to tell everyone this before I did it on my own. I really hope you like the new changes that will be happening on AtswEL. It's going to be great making more helpful posts! This is the last post where I talk about the future of this blog or anything that shouldn't be made into a post! Get ready for some fun and some great news in the Spiral(s) :)

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

October 6, 2012

Pirate101 Sailing to One Week Headstart

Pirate101 sailed out of Beta today and is sailing to the launch of Pirate101. First there's going to be a one week headstart for Beta Players, and people who bought the Boochbeard Bundle. There's two more stops along the way! My favorite thing about Pirate101 Beta was... well.... Oh yeah, EVERYTHING! I love everything about this new game Kingsisle is releasing soon. This game is going to be the game of 2012, or 2013. I know that right now :) I'm pretty sure this game will get 20 million or 30 million users just like Wizard101 does right now! This game does have a lot of surprises you'll see questing through each world, you may even notice someone (a few) from Wizard101! Thank you Kingsisle for a great game, I can't wait to see more Pirates in the Spiral in the next few weeks!

October 5, 2012

Pirate101 Prepaid Cards + Online Membership!

Woohoo! Bundles & More Prepaid Cards? This game is really going to be a great game! They have some pretty nice looking things for Pirates in the new bundles and prepaid cards! Lets talk about the Cutthroat Bundle in the middle though. This Bundle costs $39 and has a lot of items to it that I think everyone will love! It's available at Gamestop just like the other 1 $10 card, and 1 $20 Card. Here's the items it has included!! Make sure to get one of these cards! - Note: At the end of the year I might be giving away Pirate101 Cards along with Wizard101 Cards :)

- Cutthroat Bundle -
Sharktooth Ship

Cutthroat Outfit - Gear Up to Level 50!

Skullcutter Cutlass

Shark Companion

Castaway Island House

Go to Gamestop once this is available because it has some pretty epic items included. I love this bundle! Do you see the house?! Look at that :) Not only do you have the house but you can also dock your ship right in front of it. Don't believe me? Look for yourself! :) 

Area to Dock your ship!

These cards aren't the only way you can buy A Membership or Purchase Crowns. You can also buy one of the two or both on the Pirate101 Website! If you would like to see how to become a Member on Pirate101 or Buy Crowns visit these two links.. Have fun! 

Beta Gift - Pioneer Eye Patch!

Pirate101 announced today that Beta Pirates would be receiving a one and only kind of Pirate eye patch. We're going to look more like Pirates :) It looks epic doesn't it? We truly will look like Rockstars Kingsisle! The Pirate101 eyepatch gives a minor healing spell and it won't be sold, trash, or auctioned! You had to log on during Beta to receive this gift (October 4th isn't counted) You can redeem your eyepatch this coming week during the headstart for Pirate101 another gift they gave to us! I really hope you enjoy your new Pirate Eyepatch!


Halloween + New Design next Month!

Hi there!

I wanted to tell everyone that the background on this blog is temporary and it will be removed after Halloween. I wanted to have a Halloween background to get everyone in the mood for it! :) In November I have a great new design for this blog, better than any since I started blogging. Great updates to the site will be made and I really do hope you like them. I am going to have a new header, background, more information to all of the pages/drop down menus. All together I'm going to try to make it great for everyone to read and enjoy. This site will always remain a random/family site though, always remember that :) This site will always remain like that no matter what! For the next 26 days I'm going to be asking all of you on Polls what I should add or remove. I would like to ask you first before I start on the site. 

This has been a short post by...

~Edward Lifegem

October 3, 2012

Interview Week (Autumn Dreamwalker)

Welcome to the third day of interviews will well known Wizards/ Pirates around the Spiral! Today I'm posting an interview from the one and only FAMOUS (or well known) Autumn Dreamwalker! I really hope you enjoy this great interview! 

Me: Hello Autumn! Before we start the interview could you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Autumn: My name is Jennifer. I am a Gemini and I love reading, spending time with my family and watching movies. Hahaha :P Seriously though, I started playing W101 in September 2010. I saw an ad for it on Facebook and clicked it. I was addicted pretty much right away! Since then I have made numerous wizards and started a blog. I was also lucky enough to win a P101 beta code back in August, so I have been playing on there as well.

Me: You're FAMOUS, and you own a blog called Secrets of the Spiral, How did you start blogging?

Autumn: Lol I'm not famous (Lol yes you are!) but yes, I do have a blog. I started blogging because it looked fun. I also wanted to help new wizards by providing guides and information. I have a great friend who has a blog and talking with him about blogging gave me so many ideas to write about. The hardest part about  starting up was thinking of a name. It took me two weeks to think of "Secrets of the Spiral."

Me: Who Inspired you to start blogging?

Autumn: Actually, you did! Before you told me you had a blog, I had no idea about the Wizard101 blogging/fansite community, and you seemed like you enjoyed it so much, I really wanted to try it out myself. Btw, Thanks for that! It has been a lot of fun, and I have met some pretty amazing people since starting my blog! :) (Oh wow, I'm glad you started blogging! I can't believe I inspired you to start blogging, that is great! That made my day :)

Me: Are you planning on submitting your site to Pirate101 or Wizard101 for Official Status??

Autumn: I have considered submitting my site, but I don't think I'm going to. I think that for me, becoming official would make me enjoy blogging less. I feel like there would be more pressure to blog more often and maybe blog about different things. And that would make it seem more like a job, instead of a fun hobby. I might be wrong about that, but I really don't think becoming official is for me :)

Me: Okay, lets talk a little bit about the new game Pirate101, when you first got your Beta Key what did you think about the game and do you love this game? :)

Autumn: First, let me say YES YES YES!!! I really do love Pirate101. If I had to choose one game to play, Pirate101 would definitely win. When I first started, I was kinda in shock from winning my Beta code still, so I don't think I even noticed that much of the opening sequence :P But once I started playing, I was in awe. The battling style did take a little getting used to, but it is amazing! I think almost everything about this game is pretty perfect! 

Me: Wow, same here! Now.. Lets talk more about Twitter, How did you create #twirates ???

Autumn: Well, Wizards on Twitter (#twizards) were trying to think of a name for the new Pirates. I thought Twizards came from TW-itter w-IZARDS. (If that makes sense) Idk if that is actually where it came from, but I kind of just combined Twitter and Pirates the same way, getting Twizards. I was kind of joking when I said it, but it stuck.

Me: Here that? Autumn created that :) I was a witness! Now.. back to blogging, do you have any secrets for Secrets of the Spiral's future?

Autumn: I do have a few things coming up, hopefully starting in November. I would like to have a couple of contests and maybe do my own series of interviews with people in the community. I am also planning on adding lots more information, especially about Pirate101, once it goes live! :)

Me: To conclude this interview, could you give out any advice you have to Wizards/ Pirates that are planning on starting a site or blog? :)

Autumn: My biggest advice is to start a blog because you enjoy it! Not for fame or anything else. Also, never give up. As long as you like your blog and are having fun, nothing else matters. Also post links on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can. Let people know about your site! The W101 blogger community is awesome, and is very helpful, so don't be afraid to ask for help! And last, but not least, almost any design idea is possible! Just remember, Google is your friend! Good luck!

Me: Wow Autumn, I really enjoyed interviewing you! Let me say the advice you said above is great! I'm glad more people know about you (I'm sure everyone does since you're famous!) Let me say this though, Autumn is 100% right, Enjoy blogging NOT FOR FAME, but for the enjoyment of helping, or having fun because its a hobby :) If you turn into a Fansite one day remember your FANSite. Okay? :) Good luck everyone, and don't forget to watch my blog for another interview tomorrow and one last interview Friday!! Have fun in the Spiral and Thanks again FAMOUS Autumn Dreamwalker ( She adds: I still can't believe THE famous Edward Lifegem wanted to interview me! Thanks, it was a lot of fun! :)) NP, and I'm not famous!! :D

Pirate101 Sneak Peek!

Ahoy Pirates!

Guess what?! News hit the Spiral today telling everyone that they can enjoy Pirate101 tomorrow! It only lasts a few hours though and all character Data will be deleted! Here's more details!

October 4th - 2:00 - 8:00 p.m. CST time

Where to download?
This Link: https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/open_play

Download the game now and wait until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow! Uninstall Pirate101 after tomorrow until Pirate101 is finally released.

I'm guessing Kingsisle wants as much people online at one time to see if the game crashes if not! Have fun testing the game out, I'm 100% sure you'll love it! And this shows that Kingsisle cares about your opinions too :) Good luck questing in the Spiral!

October 2, 2012

Pirate101 Cards & IGN Giveaway

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101 Cards (For Memberships, Crowns, Pets and even gear) are selling at Gamestop stores! They are going to start selling at all Gamestop stores on October 8th! That's not the only news in the Spiral, IGN is giving away 10 bundles before October 7th! All you have to do is comment below in the comment section and leave a Pirate Themed Haiku (3 lined Poem) First Line being 5 syllables long, Second Line being 7 syllables long, and the third line being 5 syllables long! Guess which bundle they're giving away? The $90 bundle! The Boochbeard Bundle! It sounds crazy but its true! If you don't remember what the Boochbeard bundle contains below is another video of the bundle and more information about what they're giving away!

- 60,000 Crowns
- One Week Head Start (October 8th)
- Skarakeet Pet
- Volcano Island House
- Parrot Mount
- Cat Pirate Companion
- Dread Pirate's Outfit
- Ruby Slicer Weapon

Good luck everyone! Don't forget to enter before October 7th! They announce the winners on October 8th. Now, back to the Pirate101 cards! I don't want to steal any pictures from Stars of the Spiral so I will send you over to her blog post showing pictures of the new Pirate Cards! Here's the link: http://starsofthespiral.blogspot.com/2012/10/p101-game-cards-bundle-giveaway-from-ign.html

Interview Week (Mason Swiftblade)

Welcome the the second day of Interview Week! Today we'll be interviewing Mason Swiftblade! I hope you enjoy the second interview of the week. Its also going to be a great interview! Lets get started.

Me: Hello Mason! Before we start the interview could you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Mason: Hello my name is Tyler. I play Wizard101 UK. I have been playing Wizard101 since 2008 and played in the Beta! I have been a fansiter since October 2011. I decided to create a fansite to express my views about the game and my feelings!

Me: I hear you're an Official Wizard101 UK fansite, could you tell us how that happened and how excited you were when you found out you made it?

Mason: Well at the time, Wizard101 UK was only 9 months released, meaning it had a very small community. I decided to take advantage of that and create my own Wizard101 UK fansite! It was quite a long process, took over 3 months for my fansite to be approved but here I am!

Me: You had a blog called The Life of a Wizard and deleted it and made another blog called Mason's Journal, Why did you do that?

Mason: Well, I just didn't have the same feel I had when I blogged on The Life of a Wizard, since I was going to blog about Pirate101 too, I decided it would be better to create a blog more rounded to my gaming. The Life of a Wizard just lost its touch and with Pirate101, I decide.

Me: What are your plans for Mason's Journal?

Mason: Well I have released the blog! (Mason's Journal) I plan to add lots more content about both Wizard101 and Pirate101. I also plan to broaden my horizons as an individual and start to pave my way to a career in gaming hopefully!

Me: Are you planning on submitting your site to Pirate101 and Wizard101 for official status?

Mason: I do have plans to submit my fansite to Pirate101 to be official, however I have no plans for Wizard101 US. To be honest, I just don't think I'll be playing Wizard101 US, I rarely do, so I guess I'll just stick to Wizard101 UK, where my gaming personality has grown up and with Pirate101!

Me: What's your favorite spell on Wizard101, and your favorite attack on Pirate101?

Mason: Ooh, that's a tough one! For Wizard101, I've always had a few favorites. It had to be Sirens spell, it reminds me of something I've seen on t.v. once, so I guess I've just connected with it! For Pirate101, I honestly can't say as I didn't play much during Beta (for most of it, I was on Holiday) so, I really can't comment on that one.

Me: Is Mason Swiftblade (your ice Wizard) your first Wizard or is there another and when did you make your first Wizard?

Mason: On Wizard101 UK, no actually its NOT. I'll start off with Wizard101 US. When I was 9, I overcame and ADvert for Toontown, a game I used to play, and it said "Want to be a Wizard?" This interested me so I did click on it and I got intrigued with the world of Wizard101! My first wizard was a life wizard and his name was Stephen Battlecaller, I think. He only became level 10. Then, I made a wizard later on in the future called Tyler, he was death and I got him to level 60. In 2010, Once I heard the news of Wizard101 UK, I made a wizard there named Tyler, and he was balance. Level 10. I still have him today, he is level 25 now (I got bored with him xD) Mason Swiftblade was probably the wizard I focused on most all my gaming life, I designed specifically to myself :)

Me: Let's talk more about Pirate101, what did you think when you first had a chance to finally start playing Pirate101?

Mason: Gosh! It was amazing! I first had to orient myself as it was a bit confusing, but I got the hang of it! What really intrigued me was the storyline and the puppet shows! They were so cool, I love how Kingsisle implemented these sort of things into the storyline, it makes the games LOADS more better and much more fun! Plus, my love for Pirates made me feel so involved with the game! I love it!

Me: To conclude this interview, do you have any secrets you would like to share with us about the future of your Fansite, Mason's Journal?

Mason: I do plan on hosting more contests, more events and really starting to share my opinion, my personal experiences AND my tips for Wizard101 and Pirate101! This will all come with time though. I do have a super big 2nd Wizard101 UK Birthday Party AND Community Choice Awards planned with some other UK fansiters.. That's all I'll say for now!

Me: What a wonderful interview! Thank you Mason, you're a great Wizard/ Pirate and I'm glad to share this post so everyone else knows more about you. I can't wait to see more about the Community Choice Awards and Wizard101 UK's 2nd Birthday! Woooooooooot! :)