October 29, 2012

Edward makes it to Mooshu!

Ahoy Pirates!

No Wizards, not Wizard101 Mooshu, Pirate101 Mooshu! It took awhile for me to finally get out of Cool Ranch and that's why I haven't been blogging lately, I have been very busy trying to fight chickens, roosters, cowboys, snakes...... something I'm terrified of! I couldn't believe my pirate finally made it through after defeating Captain Blood! Wow he was a really bad fight, not the worse though... Deacon, do you remember him from the tutorial of the game? I had to fight him too! I died a couple of times trying to defeat him, I was about to give up and log out the third time until one of my companions did a relentless which saved our lives and we finally defeat him.

After a little while after defeating him I got my ticket to Mooshu from Captain Avery! I was very excited, I've been leveling so much and I was glad I finally had my ticket to Mooshu!

Once I got to Mooshu I changed from my Cool Ranch robes to Mooshu robes because they are the most epic gear in the Spiral! I am very glad they have nice stats and not only that, they also look more like high level gear! Oh, did I tell you Mooshu has a little bit of music from Wizard101 just like Wizard101's Mooshu? You'll have to see when you get there, until then.. see you in the Spiral!

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