October 5, 2012

Halloween + New Design next Month!

Hi there!

I wanted to tell everyone that the background on this blog is temporary and it will be removed after Halloween. I wanted to have a Halloween background to get everyone in the mood for it! :) In November I have a great new design for this blog, better than any since I started blogging. Great updates to the site will be made and I really do hope you like them. I am going to have a new header, background, more information to all of the pages/drop down menus. All together I'm going to try to make it great for everyone to read and enjoy. This site will always remain a random/family site though, always remember that :) This site will always remain like that no matter what! For the next 26 days I'm going to be asking all of you on Polls what I should add or remove. I would like to ask you first before I start on the site. 

This has been a short post by...

~Edward Lifegem

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