October 23, 2012

How to Report a Bug on Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates! Today I really wanted to make a post about bug reporting (Since I've had many). Not complaining, but I really want everyone to know how to report a bug so these type of bugs don't happen to everyone. If one day you walk out of a Classroom on Pirate101 and end up at the Skull Island docks (the picture above) you have to report the bug. To report a bug click on the yellow arrow and scroll to Options. Click on the Customer Service tab on the game. Eventually you will end up on the screen below, make sure to click on Report a Bug.

Step 1: Pirate101 Website

Step 2: Pirate101 Website

You can also look through the website to find out if you can fix the bugs on your own! (https://www.pirate101.com/CustomerSupport/free_game) Good luck questing through the Spiral and I hope this post makes sense, and will help you with bugs on the game. Have fun in the Spiral!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Great idea for a post! Thanks for the information :)

Nicholas LionRider said...

That screen shot really isnt a bug. Lol it happends to me all the time, but really it just is slow loading of your ship.

TheDrakeFlame said...

Nice post! Haven't seen anyone post about bug reporting yet, so agreeing with Autumn, great idea, Ed!