October 25, 2012

Is it just me? (Wizard101 Worlds)

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure you heard of the new world Azteca that is planned to be released in November. This world consists of Dinosaurs, New Level 88 spells and gear, mounts and a lot of other great things! If you would like to know more about this world go to this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/update-notes/november2012

Now to seeing if the Wizard101 worlds is going too fast, if you don't want to read this you can close out of this post. Here it is.. Ask yourself how fast the worlds were released in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Now ask yourself how fast the worlds are being released now, 2011 and 2012. Here's a list of worlds from 2008- 2010. 


These were much easier years to level for me, were they to you? In 2008 they had the main worlds up to Mooshu. They released Dragonspyre in January of 2009. Then Celestia was released in October of 2010. That was a very lengthy amount of time to level your wizards through the world and not go too fast. I loved this time period, that's how I made so many Wizards and enjoyed leveling! 


Not my favorite period of worlds being released. They waited over a year to release another world Zafaria , I didn't have any trouble accessing this world, all of my Wizards were at this place and I'm not worried because I'm only planning on leveling a few wizards. I leveled my fire, storm and ice through and then another world was released.. Avalon, in May of 2012, months ago. I only leveled my fire and ice through this world and now Azteca is planned to released in November (next month). Its going way too fast Kingsisle.

Dragonspyre+Celestia= 21 months
Zafaria+Avalon+Azteca= 12 months. Unbelievable. 

This is why a few people are having trouble leveling through the game now days, KI if you're reading please go a little bit slower, I love the worlds you're adding it just makes it less enjoyable to level fast and then hear people begging for a new world after a few weeks!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I agree. It is making leveling more stressful and less enjoyable. Btw...from 2011-2012 they also release 2 side worlds, Wysteria and Wintertusk.

Mason S. said...

Have to agree with you on certain aspects.
Avalon, atm, I don't like, seems boring.
I feel different for Azteca, I feel it has potential.

Read this also, a game's golden days, great post by Swordroll :) http://www.swordroll.com/2012/09/a-games-golden-days.html

Anonymous said...

I try to level up but with these worlds coming out i feel jealous of high level wizards i know from twitter and Facebook who get to do the worlds as soon as they come out and disappointed in myself for not working hard enough and being sick(which causes me to not play as often as i want to).

TheDrakeFlame said...

I completely agree with you, Edward.
Sierra, my highest level wizard, is only level 78, and I thought I would still have months to complete Avalon. Azteca being released in November, next few weeks, is a HUGE downer for me.
Instead of working on a new world, Kingsisle could be working on the PvP system in Wizard101, and trying to place one in Pirate101, and many other issues which people complain about.
Though I understand that Kingsisle might have released this world just to keep a large audience on Wizard101 while Pirate101 is out, a new world only benefits those Archmage levels. IMHO, they could be working on new F2P features for those who do not have crowns/membership.