October 11, 2012

Nightmare Pack Updated!

Kingsisle: Your favorite Halloween game card  pack is back! From now until November 1st, the nightmare pack is now back in the Crowns shop! The updated pack gives your wizard a chance at new Halloween items including dead beets seed, Penumbra Drake pet, nightrunner mount and cloudstrider Pegasus mount! 


Wow, Another new pack has been released! This time its a Halloween Pack, it looks like a very spooky pack too. Like Kingsisle says above it includes some pretty epic items! I can't wait to see them in game and hopefully buy them! I love the horse up above! I wonder what Jack thinks about that? This has to be the spookiest pack that Wizard101 has ever released. Well maybe not since its updated! Are you excited about this pack? Please give feedback and what you think about this new Halloween pack! Also if you like the pack include your favorite item in this new pack! Have a spooky Halloween wizards! :)

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