October 2, 2012

Pirate101 Cards & IGN Giveaway

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101 Cards (For Memberships, Crowns, Pets and even gear) are selling at Gamestop stores! They are going to start selling at all Gamestop stores on October 8th! That's not the only news in the Spiral, IGN is giving away 10 bundles before October 7th! All you have to do is comment below in the comment section and leave a Pirate Themed Haiku (3 lined Poem) First Line being 5 syllables long, Second Line being 7 syllables long, and the third line being 5 syllables long! Guess which bundle they're giving away? The $90 bundle! The Boochbeard Bundle! It sounds crazy but its true! If you don't remember what the Boochbeard bundle contains below is another video of the bundle and more information about what they're giving away!

- 60,000 Crowns
- One Week Head Start (October 8th)
- Skarakeet Pet
- Volcano Island House
- Parrot Mount
- Cat Pirate Companion
- Dread Pirate's Outfit
- Ruby Slicer Weapon

Good luck everyone! Don't forget to enter before October 7th! They announce the winners on October 8th. Now, back to the Pirate101 cards! I don't want to steal any pictures from Stars of the Spiral so I will send you over to her blog post showing pictures of the new Pirate Cards! Here's the link: http://starsofthespiral.blogspot.com/2012/10/p101-game-cards-bundle-giveaway-from-ign.html

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