October 15, 2012

Pirate101 Launches to the Public today!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today, October 15th 2012, Pirate101 will be available for everyone to play! Surprising, time has gone by so fast, but I'm glad it has because everyone that's played Pirate101 gets to see everyone's reaction to this great game! I would like to give you a few tips to help prepare you for this game, so if you don't mind.. :)

  • Side Quests: I've noticed that a few side quests give nautical experience! I don't really known if the other worlds do that, but I do know that Skull Island does. I completed side quests to get at least 70 nautical experience with each quest (4 quests all together) Nautical experience is how far you level with your Pirate Ship.. Defeating other ships.
  • Battle Technique: Don't worry! You'll understand this soon! If you've played Wizard101 awhile, it may take some getting used to. You will understand it after awhile though. This new Battle Technique is great, lots of great attacks and let me mention that when you're battling on your ship you will see spells that are similar to Wizard101 that you can use on other enemy ships!
  • Purchase a Membership: I'm sorry but like Wizard101 after awhile you will need to purchase a membership. You will reach a place called the Private Dock in Jonah Town, this is the place where the free places ends. Its where you get your second Pirate Ship, so if you want to purchase a membership make sure to go to the Pirate101 website and scroll to the Shop Icon to see what memberships you can buy. Or crowns. 
  • Companions are Important: Your companions help you a lot more than you think they will, these companions needs to be trained, every time you see you get Practice Points (Training Points) you should train your companions. You can also save points for later on and level your lower level companions that you haven't had a chance to level. This will level it farther than normally if you wait!
  • Have Fun! This is the last piece of advice I could give you! Don't level too fast on the game, make sure to look at the game and enjoy it :) If you level fast you may miss something you really needed to see! This game is not like Wizard101 when you level, you need to pay extra attention or you won't understand what's going on (the story-line). I love this game and I would like to Thank Kingsisle for the best game ever! Thank you so much!

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