October 1, 2012

Pirate101 Official Release

Ahoy Pirates!

News hit the Spiral early last night that Pirate101 will begin their one week head start October 8th and release the game to the public on October 15th!  Are you wondering where all of this great information came from?  It was released from Venture Beat. They gave us some more great information too that I think all of you would like to know!

GameStop is planned to sale Pirate101s new cards that will be available for $10, $20 and $39. I'm going to do a huge guess and say these are for Pirate101 only and there will be an online membership where you can buy for Wizard101 and Pirate101. Wizard101 has game cards also, and they have great items included with a membership or crowns. We can say with a safe guess that the Pirate101 cards will also be having great new items for your Pirates too.

I can't wait to see Pirate101 be released in the Community! I'm sure everyone will love it. If you're in Pirate101 Beta can you do me a favor and comment below and tell everyone what you love about Pirate101? I'm sure everyone will enjoy that and be prepared for the great new game that's yet to be released!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

Pirate101 2
I had to add this, thought it was funny! :)

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ThatFrostweaver said...

I am lucky I read your post Edward, I was going to but two 20$ Wizard101 game cards.