October 5, 2012

Pirate101 Prepaid Cards + Online Membership!

Woohoo! Bundles & More Prepaid Cards? This game is really going to be a great game! They have some pretty nice looking things for Pirates in the new bundles and prepaid cards! Lets talk about the Cutthroat Bundle in the middle though. This Bundle costs $39 and has a lot of items to it that I think everyone will love! It's available at Gamestop just like the other 1 $10 card, and 1 $20 Card. Here's the items it has included!! Make sure to get one of these cards! - Note: At the end of the year I might be giving away Pirate101 Cards along with Wizard101 Cards :)

- Cutthroat Bundle -
Sharktooth Ship

Cutthroat Outfit - Gear Up to Level 50!

Skullcutter Cutlass

Shark Companion

Castaway Island House

Go to Gamestop once this is available because it has some pretty epic items included. I love this bundle! Do you see the house?! Look at that :) Not only do you have the house but you can also dock your ship right in front of it. Don't believe me? Look for yourself! :) 

Area to Dock your ship!

These cards aren't the only way you can buy A Membership or Purchase Crowns. You can also buy one of the two or both on the Pirate101 Website! If you would like to see how to become a Member on Pirate101 or Buy Crowns visit these two links.. Have fun! 

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