October 6, 2012

Pirate101 Sailing to One Week Headstart

Pirate101 sailed out of Beta today and is sailing to the launch of Pirate101. First there's going to be a one week headstart for Beta Players, and people who bought the Boochbeard Bundle. There's two more stops along the way! My favorite thing about Pirate101 Beta was... well.... Oh yeah, EVERYTHING! I love everything about this new game Kingsisle is releasing soon. This game is going to be the game of 2012, or 2013. I know that right now :) I'm pretty sure this game will get 20 million or 30 million users just like Wizard101 does right now! This game does have a lot of surprises you'll see questing through each world, you may even notice someone (a few) from Wizard101! Thank you Kingsisle for a great game, I can't wait to see more Pirates in the Spiral in the next few weeks!

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