October 30, 2012

Puppet Pirates!

Boochbeard and Gandry are at it again, getting caught by enemies, you may notice on Pirate101 that they are always in some sort of trouble, by escaping from enemies, hanging over a lake of fire, even roaming through a spooky tunnel! Tradewinds Tribune says there's going to be a cartoon series over Boochbeard and Gandry! Who knows what sort of trouble they'll get into. It says that Pirate101's Facebook will be uploading the pictures and you get to think of the Caption ideas! They are planning on choosing their favorite captions and asking for votes. The one with the most votes will be added to the comic and added to the Pirate101 website! Wow! Kingsisle is becoming even more involved with the community. I think that's great :) I'm sure other game teams don't even ask for that much from the community. That's why Kingsisle is the best game team in the world :) (if aliens play video games- the universe)! See you in the Spiral.

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