October 7, 2012

The Future of this Site

Ahoy & Hello!

I really wanted to make this post because I feel that since I started blogging I've loved having many followers, that's the truth because I love that everyone reads and follows this blog! Not for "Fame" though. That would be weird, since I'm giving out huge contests and I'm looking for fame right? Lol! Anyways.. I've been wanting to add and remove a few things on this site. Today I was thinking to myself that I really need to remove the option to follow this blog. Then I remembered the contest I was having, the 200 members end of the year contest. Right after we get to 200 members I'll be removing the option to follow this blog. The truth is having a lot of members doesn't mean anything. What does mean something though is that you enjoy blogging for your readers! I usually make posts like this every once in awhile after thinking about this site. This isn't Wizard101 or Pirate101 news, but I really wanted to make the post to tell everyone this before I did it on my own. I really hope you like the new changes that will be happening on AtswEL. It's going to be great making more helpful posts! This is the last post where I talk about the future of this blog or anything that shouldn't be made into a post! Get ready for some fun and some great news in the Spiral(s) :)

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

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