October 20, 2012

Wizard101: Christmas!

Hello Wizards!

No Christmas hasn't arrived yet, but in two short months it will! Lets talk about what kind of Christmas things we have on Wizard101 and my ideas that I would love added! Yesterday Dalia Falmea did another Feedback Friday, asking what are favorite holidays that we like to celebrate and how we would celebrate it in the Spiral. First holiday I thought of was Christmas of course! Then I thought of Halloween how we celebrate this upcoming holiday and how we could celebrate Christmas on Wizard101, before I get ahead of myself here's what Wizard101 Christmas is like..

What is Christmas like on Wizard101? (2008-2011)

  • Mounts- New mounts are added for the Christmas season such as Candy Cane mounts. 
  • Gear- Santa and Mrs. Clause gear.
  • Pets- the elves and snowman pet

My Idea of Christmas on Wizard101 (2012--)

  • Presents- Do you know how Halloween is? How we go to each pumpkin to get our treats? Well we could go to each present scattered around Wizard City to get gold or cards... Whatever a present includes on Wizard101!
  • Frosty- No don't be confused with Frost Giant. Do you know Hallow Jack? Well instead of him and the other scarecrows we could have snowmen (the nice ones not evil!) to send us to our quest to help Santa Clause prepare to deliver in the Spiral.
  • More Gear- Other than the Santa and Mrs. Clause outfits we could have something like that but something that mixes in with Christmas and our actual gear! 

  • Yum! I mean... Gingerbread Tower!- If you know of the Halloween towers in Ravenwood, during Christmas we could have a Christmas Tower or Gingerbread Tower, this tower consists of evil snowmen and at the very top of the tower we have to fight off a Banshee to claim the tower back and enjoy eating..... I mean the rewards we get after defeating her!
  • Packs- These packs can contain special Christmas items we have in the Spiral, mounts, more gingerbread.. uh.. Okay I'm hungry! Anyways... gear, and anything Christmas you can think of! These packs will cost 399 crowns and be called Rudolph Pack. 

Do you like my idea for Christmas in the Spiral? I'm sure there's plenty of things I forgot, maybe you can share your ideas or comment about this idea which I'm sure has spread throughout the Spiral. This is the first time I even thought of this (other than the last 3 years) Lol! Well maybe not ;) I hope you like my post and..... Here's an Early   


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Awesome post!! I love the Gingerbread Tower idea! And a Christmas pack would be cool. I would love to see a christmas music scroll for the music players :)

Unknown said...

Ooh, great ideas!

I really would just like a more involved sort of holiday event sort of thing. I feel that when we are just running around and such it's not as fun. Also, if it was a MUST to have friends help that would be an interesting aspect. Not sure how to do this, but something that would require more community involvement... maybe just a community event(s)/get together.

@Autumn , agreed. Christmas music scrolls would be awesome! :D

- Morgrim Trollfriend
The Innkeeper of The Conjurers Inn

TheDrakeFlame said...

I absolutely LOVE your idea, Edward!
Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!
Christmas in Wizard101 is my favorite time of the year, because of all the holiday spirit I see with the gifting and parties.
It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, speaking of which, is only 64 days away! :)