November 27, 2012

Is it important to Nautical Level?

I wanted to make this post to help anyone that is leveling in Pirate101 and not nautical leveling. I played Pirate101 since beta was released and noticed that there is a huge difference between just leveling without paying much attention to nautical leveling other than doing your quests where you have to defeat ships and where you nautical level with your quests and without. Would you like to see the difference between a Pirate that has been nautical leveling and not nautical leveling? Keep reading!

Pirate that Nautical Levels

A pirate who decides to nautical level will have many advantages on the game. You may notice it is a lot easier to defeat tough Pirate ships alone, get new horns for your ship (spells), or even get a better ship. Leveling your Pirate while nautical leveling with quests and nautical leveling in general is easier than you think. You will level your Pirate a lot faster because Pirate101 is a pirate ship game no matter what you do, you have to sail your ship and sometimes you may get caught in a battle that you really don't want to do and you may be worried about being defeated. If you've been nautical leveling, there won't be a problem at all! Make sure you are nautical leveling it will help you a lot more than you think!

Pirate that doesn't Nautical Level

I played Pirate101 since Beta was released in August. In August when I first started I had a difficult time trying to level and not be defeated in ship battles. I thought I was terrible at ship battles. My ship was always defeated by another ship and I didn't know what to do. By my surprise I noticed that you had to nautical level to get a better Pirate ship and all of the other things you could equip to your pirate ship. I am glad I finally found this out because if I didn't I would not be level 49 on Pirate101. There's a lot of ship battles in Pirate101 and you will need to nautical level. If you don't nautical level, you will have a tough time trying to defeat other ships. Make sure you are nautical leveling!

Now that we covered the differences between nautical leveling and not nautical leveling, I decided to give you a few great nautical levels for each world. Nautical 10 leaving Skull Island, Nautical 20 leaving Monquista, Nautical 25 leaving Valencia, Nautical 35 leaving Cool Ranch, and nautical 50 by the end of Mooshu. These are all great nautical levels by the end of each world. I hope you take these numbers and make goals of nautical leveling while Pirate leveling! Good luck in the Spiral everyone :)

Best of the Best Sale!

Hello there!

Yesterday I made a post about Kingsisle giving up to 50% more crowns when you bought crowns online. Today through November 29th you can save 50% off of some of the best items in the crowns shop. Here's a list of a few things that are on sale..

- Captain Gunn's Wheel
- Mojo Potions
- Livsey's Ring
- 25,000 Gold
- Corsair's Frigate
- De Bonzo Galleon
- Prancing Pony (Very Fast Permanent)
- Gold Stingtail Pet
- Buccaneer's Den
- 1,000 Gold
- Mojo Pendant 
- Ebon Spectre Pet

This would be a great opportunity to spend those crowns from yesterday on this now so you can save so you don't have to spend more at a later date. Good luck and happy spending :) By the way, I got a very fast prancing pony for half price when it cost 7,000 crowns before. What a deal :D If you don't have any crowns, you can buy some crowns by clicking on the picture below!

November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday (Super Crowns Sale)

Ahoy Pirates!

Did you know you can buy crowns and get up to 50% bonus crowns when you buy them on the Pirate101 website? You can today! You need to hurry up though, the sale will end at 11:59 CST tonight. Tomorrow you won't be able to get this offer.

Crown Amount               Price Amount

2500 Crowns + 250 Crowns= $5.00 
5000 Crowns + 500 Crowns= $10.00
13750 Crowns + 2,750 Crowns= $25.00
30,000 Crowns + 10,000 Crowns= $50.00
60,000 Crowns + 30,000 Crowns= $80.00


This is a great offer, you really should buy them now if you were planning on buying crowns! Click the Buy Crowns picture for a link to buy your crowns now. Thank you Kingsisle for the great deal.

November 21, 2012

Admiral Bundle Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Thank you all for your great entries. There are two people that can win the Admiral Bundle and I chose the ones with the best information to it since all of your ship designs were great :)

Contest Winner #1: 
Snake of the 7 Seas

Ship Name: Snake of the 7 Seas

Design: It would have a Sky Snake at the front, it would be brown (you can dye it any color you want). The flag I wanted is White-Purple with a Storm Snake on it. It has a thorn anker and amazing cannons. You will see on the picture attached. 

Spell it can cast: Stormsnake- but it would not be weak as the regular one from Wizard101, this one would do 200 damage and -15% accuracy on the enemy.

Health: 912
Fuel: 90
Cost: 15,000 - Valencia Ship Vendor

Thank you and congratulations Antonio! You will get a reply email with your Admiral Bundle.

Contest Winner #2
The Crow's Wings

Created by: Clever Cole Crow

Thank you and congratulations Cole Crow! You'll get a reply code with your Admiral Bundle Code :) 

The rest of the Entries!

You're probably wondering why I didn't end the post right? Well... All of you are winners! Thanks to Tom the Pirate101 community manager you get 1,250 crown codes, all of your entries! Here are the pictures of the rest of the entries, congratulations everyone :) You will get your code in a reply email from your original entry email. Now.. Here are the rest of the great Pirate Ships!

The Skeletal Bucket- Ryan
 Headless Horseman's Ship-  Joshua Dragonrider

The Crazy Goat- Tiffany

The Candy Queen's Bounty- Gavin Stormwhisperer
One extra code!

Chefateer Ship- James Dragoncatcher

Neptune's Poison- Alex Ashfinder

The Blasted Starboard- Cody Strong
One extra code!

November 20, 2012

500th Post Contest Winners!

I will send an email to the first winner Cody with the choice of his card and then the second winner Aaron with the remaining card! Thank you everyone for entering :) I can't wait to have more great contests in the future. I still have the Admiral Bundle contest running until tonight. Good luck!

November 19, 2012

Contests Update

Hello there!

This week will be a busy week for me, I do have time to tell you a few things that I will be doing on here though.. There's two contests going on, one is the Admiral Bundle Contest and the other the recent contest the 500th post contest. Here's a few details about both of these contests:

2 Admiral Bundles Contest

- This contest will end tomorrow night at Midnight Central Standard Time
- You have to design a ship and send an email to
- Make sure you include as much detail about your ship as possible
- Click the picture to access more information about this contest!

500th Post Contest

- This ends tonight at Midnight Central Standard Time
- $10 Wizard and $10 Pirate101 cards are for the winners
- You have to follow Pirate101 or comment on the 500th post.
-Click the picture to access more information about this contest!

This week I won't be on that much and will only have time to announce the winners. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate it, a great week! I will see you again with a new post tomorrow and again on Wednesday! 

November 15, 2012

Our 500th Post!

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

I'm surprised we made it to 500 posts! I really can't believe that its been more than two years and 500 posts later and I'm still wanting to blog another 500-1000 for all of you :) So many great things have happened on this blog, Wizard101 and Pirate101 since I started this blog. Here's a year by year schedule of all of the things I loved since I started blogging :)


I started blogging in 2010, and most of my posts were about Celestia (Wizard101) that would be released soon and I was very excited about that. Most of my posts that year were about Celestia, new pets and my first parties on Wizard101. I would love to go back and do it all over again :) 


2011 was a huge year, it was my first whole year of blogging and I've had some downs during that blogging period but I've had a lot of ups too! I hosted my first contest thanks to Autumn Dreamwalker, I started blogging again right after my hiatus from blogging and made 270+ posts that entire year. This isn't my favorite year of blogging though... look at 2012..


Like it says, this is my favorite year of blogging so far! I've had so many accomplishments thanks to all of you, this blog reached 100 followers, then 150 and then 200 followers in one year! All three of these were huge goals. Another goal was accomplished that I didn't mention, to have fun with you all. This year has been a fun year full of excitement :) Oh and lets not forget to mention becoming an official Pirate101 blog, I owe a huge thanks to Friendly Necromancer and the community management team and all of you. I wouldn't have submitted this site if it wasn't for you :) This site will remain a FANsite :) One more thing... Contests. Wow, I've had a lot more contests this year than any other year! I have a end of the year contest going on, an Admiral contest, a 500th post contest.... SURPRISE! This is for you, thank you so much for all of the great years of blogging and here's to more years of blogging!

November 13, 2012

Admiral Bundle Contest!

Admiral Bundle
Marleybone Warship, Bulldog Companion
Naval Outfit, Military Sabre
Crow's Nest Housing Add-On, (No Crowns or Promotion Included)

Kingsisle gave me two codes for the Admiral Bundle to give out on my blog. Thank you Kingsisle! I won't make this post long so you can get right to the contest. Here are the details on how to win!

Design a Pirate Ship Contest

- Your Pirate Ship must have a name. Pick any name. (This won't be counted against you)
- Design what your ship will look like, you can make a Pirate Ship by drawing it if you would like to! Color of your sails, color of your ship itself. (Go into Detail of your Ship Design, this will count)
- What spells can it cast? Can it cast storm lord like Boochbeard's Bundle or a Stormbat, you pick any spell you would like your ship to cast, it can be an existing one, or one that you want to make up.
Miscellaneous. You can add your ship health, how much fuel, etc. 

Where do I submit my ship?

When does the contest End?
11/20/12 (Next Tuesday) Midnight. CST

Who wins?
Two people will win! There will be an announcement post on Wednesday, November 22 of who wins! You will be contacted by email if you win and your Pirate ship will be posted on a new blog post. Good luck to everyone who decides to enter this contest.

If you have any questions at all, comment below this blog post or contact me by my other email..

November 11, 2012

Boochbeard Clause!

Ahoy Pirates!

The other day I made a post about my idea of a Pirate101 Christmas . Have you ever wondered what Boochbeard would look like if he decided to dress up like Santa? I have since August. You're probably wondering if I have a picture of Boochbeard dressed as Santa, the truth is... I do! :)

Thank you Cody for making this, what do you think of this picture? Do you think he could be a good Pirate Santa? Or do you think he should stick to be only a Pirate that gets into a lot of sticky situations? Maybe he could do a little bit of both! Comment below and tell me your thoughts about Boochbeard Clause! 

November 10, 2012

Beautiful Mooshu Scenery

Ahoy Pirates!

Today I lost connection on Pirate101, and you wouldn't believe the pictures I had a chance to take! I couldn't believe that even if I lost connection I had a chance to take these beautiful pictures. If you would like to you can take these pictures as your own, enjoy! :)

Beautiful Sunset

Look at that view!

If you lose connection on the game, don't get too mad because you may get to take pictures like the pictures above! See you around the Spiral :)

~ Edward Lifegem 

November 9, 2012

Veteran's Day Item for Pirate101 & Wizard101

Sunday is Veteran's Day, and Kingsisle is giving another promotion away in honor of the veterans who fought and served their country.This year they are giving away a Medal Display Case for Wizard101 and Pirate101. Kingsisle has gave promotions like this during Veteran's day in recent years on Wizard101, you now can get an item in Pirate101. Kingsisle is a really great game for having this event every single year for the Veterans. Thank you again Veterans! 

Make sure to redeem this code before November 11th, 12:00 p.m. CST! You will only be able to redeem it one time. Each one looks a little different, one has wands (for Wizard101) the other has swords (for Pirate101). Thank you Kingsisle for showing all of the veterans you care too! Now Pirates and Wizards, lets show all of the veterans we do too. If you see a veteran Now-Sunday lets tell them thank you for all that they've done for us!

You can redeem your codes at one of these two links:

November 8, 2012

Pirate101 Fansite!

Wow.. That's what I have to say! I have to thank you guys before I even start this post! I have to thank Tom Purdue too! I was very surprised to find out we made Fansite! I had a great feeling about it today :) I submitted it a couple of hours ago and found out just now. I congratulate all of you, and thank all of you for this. I can't wait to show you all of the things I have planned. I am still having my contest, and I will be making more helpful posts about our favorite game Pirate101! Still can't believe it! Am I dreaming?! :) Always remember, this happened because of you :) See you around the spiral!

Keeper's Lore Game Card Pack

Hello Wizards! There's another new game card pack! This looks like a great game card pack you should get right away :) This game card pack has cards, gear, weapons, pets and a lot more items you can get! If you have crowns you should buy one, don't buy too much of them though. I've seen people spend $60 worth of crowns and not get what they wanted. Be careful :) Click Me or keep reading for more information about this new pack! Here's Kingsisle's Messages about this new pack!

Keeper's Lore Game Card Pack

The Keeper's Lore pack is here, and with it your wizard has a chance to gain entirely new spells! There's also a chance to get other cool new items including:

- Three new Armor Sets, including the Jade Mystery Armor Set
- Three new Banner Weapons, including the Silver Order of the Spiral Banner
- New Emberstone Tiger Pet 
- New Bobble Heads and Much More!

I won't copy everything KI said, you should read that on the link above. Here's the three spells!

Keeper of the Flame Spell
Luminous Weaver Spell (Autumn's Spell)
Brimstone Reagent Spell

Make sure to read more on the link (Click Me Again) Oh and Happy 200th Post! This is my 200th post this year, can't believe I've made 200 posts this year :) Thanks for that everyone. See you in the Spiral

A very Merry Pirate101 Christmas!

Ahoy Pirates!

I don't know if you've noticed but some time ago I made a post about Wizard101 Christmas and a few ideas I would love to be added to the game with Christmas. I really wanted to make a post about my Pirate101 Christmas ideas! I really hope you like it, It may not be the best ideas but we'll see what you think about it :) We have to ask ourselves something though... Do Pirates even celebrate Christmas? Or any other holiday?? They can if they want to. I don't know if they have time though since they're sailing on a ship. Who would put a Christmas tree and presents on a Pirate Ship?? I thought of something though.. What about Gold and a Life Fountain full of yum? It may sound crazy right now but it isn't!

Chocolate Gold Coins for the Kids

Gold coins for the kids? No.. Chocolate Gold Coins! I think this is a great idea for Pirate101. You can have little treasure chests around in Avery's Court and other areas in Skull Island and you can get a quest to gather all of the chocolate up for Boochbeard (We'll get to that). That's the idea I'm thinking of. Let's bring up the Halloween Pumpkins, we go around in the Commons in Wizard101 going around to collect the treats and then go back to Jack to turn in the quest, that's exactly what we'll be doing here!

Boochbeard Dressed up as Santa?!

This may sound silly right now, but... I have to say he sure does look like he would be great dressed up as Santa! He can be the one to collect the Chocolate Gold coins once you turn them in. I may be wrong but if you change the Pirate Gear and put him in a Santa suit. He would look like him! Lol :)

Christmas Decorations

Now let's go back to the life Fountain filled with Yum. I was thinking maybe.. this could be some sort of Pirate Christmas Tree? I don't remember seeing or hearing anything about Pirates celebrating Christmas, so maybe it could be their first time and they want to start Celebrating Christmas this way. Decorating the Life fountain with Christmas decorations. Instead of water they would fill the (Tree) with Yum instead? I don't know about this idea but its something that showed up in my mind! And of course decorate the schools and Avery's office a little bit. :) I think that would be great!

I can't think of any Quests! I really do hope you like the ideas though that I would love to be added to Pirate101, who knows maybe one will! I hope! I think this would be a lot of fun on Pirate101. I can't wait to see what the holidays on Pirate101 will really look like. Until then... Have a very

(Inserts Pirate101 before Christmas)

Pirate101 Contest Update

Ahoy Pirates!

I've noticed that there have been a lot of entries so far, at least 50 people have entered this contest. Make sure you know the rules before entering the contest. To enter you have to Follow this blog (There are some people that are already following so that's two free entries). One other thing you need to make sure to do before entering is leave a comment in the posts before entering.. Make sure you do. If you would like to enter you can now enter at this post. Good luck to all of you :)

November 6, 2012

Goodbye Boochbeard Bundle (November 11th)

Pirate101 Flagship Bundle

Our Community manger today post an announcement on the message boards and announced that the Boochbeard Bundle will go away permanently on November 11th. This means you won't be able to get any of the items on the game ever again. You should try to buy this bundle before November 11th if you would like to have something future players won't be able to get. I think this bundle is a really great bundle. This bundle costs $89.99 and with all it offers, I think its the best bundle this game will ever have. It saves you a lot of money. Let me add with the items above, you can also get a choice of 60,000 C. Or a 12 month Membership. That's a save :) Here's the items in the video they gave us a few months ago!

November 5, 2012

Pirate101 Test Realm!

The test realm is now open for the very first time! You can go and download it at this link: Remember you have to have a membership or bought 6 dollars worth of crowns in the last month for Pirate101! Its just like the Wizard101 test realm! Here's Kingsisle's response of why the Test Realm has been added so soon!

Since we are making a number of small changes to Pirate101 that will affect gameplay, we've taken this opportunity to also "test the test realm!" There are some noticeable changes you will see such as sped up combat, combat rule changes for late arriving players in multi-player combat, and further adjustments to design issues like dreaded white buffaloons. Please see the complete list of upcoming changes in the Update Notes page.

Maintenance Update

We're halfway through the maintenance! You're probably wondering where the pages have gone, they will be added soon. Its not going to be like it was before, there will be a few links to posts below the header and all of the Information Pages will be down at the bottom of the blog! The drop-down menu is going to be removed, I will try to figure out how to do that on another update to the blog. This is the biggest update we've had and trying to take time. Soon I'm going to submit for Pirate101 Fansite! I have a good feeling about submitting this time :) If it isn't true don't worry, everything is going to be okay. I am planning on blogging for quite some time and having more interesting posts :) And lets not forget the big contest we're having. Have you check out that post? Click the picture of the header above to see it! Good luck to all of you. It will be ending awhile from now but we will be having great contests before then. Hope to see you during the contests. See you around the Spiral, I'll be blogging soon!

November 4, 2012

End of the Year Contest begins!

Ahoy Pirates! Here's one of the contests I'm having! All you have to do is follow this blog or leave a blog post comment, you'll have until December 25th to enter. It will be on this post for awhile. (Note: Time may be changed) If you win you get a $10 Pirate101 Gift Card, Good luck! I'm watching to see if you follow or leave a blog comment telling everyone what your favorite thing about Pirate101 is. You may now.... ENTER!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Update: January 31st, 2013

This contest happened long ago but don't worry contest winners of the contest will be announced on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2013. This is exactly two weeks from now. Good luck everyone!

Blogs/ Sites to follow! (November 2012)

Hello there!

I'm sorry I haven't made a post like this in awhile (last time being Spring), I really wanted to make these posts again! There are so many sites I haven't mentioned but there a few new ones that I would love to mention during this post. Here they are!

The Spiral Wonders is a great new site that I'm sure you'll love! The author Pavlina (Sophia) has been a friend of mine since this Summer. She's very nice and I'm sure you'll love reading her posts! Did I mention she did an interview with me sometime ago? Go read it on her blog when you can. (first interview) Keep of the great work Sophia! 

Blake's Guide to the Spiral is another great new blog! The author of this blog (Blake Ravenhunter) sent me a link to his site the other day and I think he's off to a great start. So far he's made one post, I'm looking forward to more Blake! :) Thanks again for showing me your site, I needed a few blogs to put on my post. Good luck and keep up the great work!

I'm glad I made this post. Make sure to look at these new great blogs :) See you around the Spiral!

November 2, 2012

Blog Maintenance

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

I'm doing a maintenance for the next few weeks on this blog! You may have heard about it in recent posts, I won't be closing the blog down because this maintenance will last awhile. I'm going to spend more time on this maintenance than any other. I'm hoping it will be the biggest update we've ever had on this site! Here's a list of a few updates being made..

  • Pages: More information on pages will be added on all of the pages, not to mention an easier way to get around. The drop-down option may be removed! 
  • Background: The background will also be changed. Its not Halloween anymore so this background should be changed to a Pirate101/Wizard101 related background. I will be adding a Christmas background the day after Thanksgiving! 
  • Header: The header will be changed too, I would like to thank Cody for a great header for the past few months, I'm going to miss the header, but we never know, it may come back! The new header will be a mix of Wizard101 and Pirate101 also.
  • Blogging: In the next few weeks, I'm going to try to start blogging about Wizard101 and Wizard101 UK a little more, I've been taking a break from both games to start playing Pirate101. I hope you wizards don't mind me taking a break!

I really do hope you like the new blog design and everything to be added! I can't wait for you to see all of my new guides, pages, and my background and header. Wish me good luck! You will see a lot of changes in the next few days on the pages. I will still be making new posts. Oh and I hope you liked the red and green! Happy Holidays! :D (Been waiting 11 months to say that again)!