November 8, 2012

A very Merry Pirate101 Christmas!

Ahoy Pirates!

I don't know if you've noticed but some time ago I made a post about Wizard101 Christmas and a few ideas I would love to be added to the game with Christmas. I really wanted to make a post about my Pirate101 Christmas ideas! I really hope you like it, It may not be the best ideas but we'll see what you think about it :) We have to ask ourselves something though... Do Pirates even celebrate Christmas? Or any other holiday?? They can if they want to. I don't know if they have time though since they're sailing on a ship. Who would put a Christmas tree and presents on a Pirate Ship?? I thought of something though.. What about Gold and a Life Fountain full of yum? It may sound crazy right now but it isn't!

Chocolate Gold Coins for the Kids

Gold coins for the kids? No.. Chocolate Gold Coins! I think this is a great idea for Pirate101. You can have little treasure chests around in Avery's Court and other areas in Skull Island and you can get a quest to gather all of the chocolate up for Boochbeard (We'll get to that). That's the idea I'm thinking of. Let's bring up the Halloween Pumpkins, we go around in the Commons in Wizard101 going around to collect the treats and then go back to Jack to turn in the quest, that's exactly what we'll be doing here!

Boochbeard Dressed up as Santa?!

This may sound silly right now, but... I have to say he sure does look like he would be great dressed up as Santa! He can be the one to collect the Chocolate Gold coins once you turn them in. I may be wrong but if you change the Pirate Gear and put him in a Santa suit. He would look like him! Lol :)

Christmas Decorations

Now let's go back to the life Fountain filled with Yum. I was thinking maybe.. this could be some sort of Pirate Christmas Tree? I don't remember seeing or hearing anything about Pirates celebrating Christmas, so maybe it could be their first time and they want to start Celebrating Christmas this way. Decorating the Life fountain with Christmas decorations. Instead of water they would fill the (Tree) with Yum instead? I don't know about this idea but its something that showed up in my mind! And of course decorate the schools and Avery's office a little bit. :) I think that would be great!

I can't think of any Quests! I really do hope you like the ideas though that I would love to be added to Pirate101, who knows maybe one will! I hope! I think this would be a lot of fun on Pirate101. I can't wait to see what the holidays on Pirate101 will really look like. Until then... Have a very

(Inserts Pirate101 before Christmas)


Autumn DreamWalker said...

LOL! Love the idea of Boochbeard dressed up as Santa! That would be hilarious! :P

Unknown said...

Boochbeard as Santa would be great as long as Gandry (sp?) had to be an elf, lol.

Edward Lifegem said...

Haha! Yes :) That's a great idea.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks! Yeah I thought of that when I was looking at a Christmas Commercial with a Santa, he remind me of Boochbeard LOL