November 13, 2012

Admiral Bundle Contest!

Admiral Bundle
Marleybone Warship, Bulldog Companion
Naval Outfit, Military Sabre
Crow's Nest Housing Add-On, (No Crowns or Promotion Included)

Kingsisle gave me two codes for the Admiral Bundle to give out on my blog. Thank you Kingsisle! I won't make this post long so you can get right to the contest. Here are the details on how to win!

Design a Pirate Ship Contest

- Your Pirate Ship must have a name. Pick any name. (This won't be counted against you)
- Design what your ship will look like, you can make a Pirate Ship by drawing it if you would like to! Color of your sails, color of your ship itself. (Go into Detail of your Ship Design, this will count)
- What spells can it cast? Can it cast storm lord like Boochbeard's Bundle or a Stormbat, you pick any spell you would like your ship to cast, it can be an existing one, or one that you want to make up.
Miscellaneous. You can add your ship health, how much fuel, etc. 

Where do I submit my ship?

When does the contest End?
11/20/12 (Next Tuesday) Midnight. CST

Who wins?
Two people will win! There will be an announcement post on Wednesday, November 22 of who wins! You will be contacted by email if you win and your Pirate ship will be posted on a new blog post. Good luck to everyone who decides to enter this contest.

If you have any questions at all, comment below this blog post or contact me by my other email..