November 21, 2012

Admiral Bundle Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Thank you all for your great entries. There are two people that can win the Admiral Bundle and I chose the ones with the best information to it since all of your ship designs were great :)

Contest Winner #1: 
Snake of the 7 Seas

Ship Name: Snake of the 7 Seas

Design: It would have a Sky Snake at the front, it would be brown (you can dye it any color you want). The flag I wanted is White-Purple with a Storm Snake on it. It has a thorn anker and amazing cannons. You will see on the picture attached. 

Spell it can cast: Stormsnake- but it would not be weak as the regular one from Wizard101, this one would do 200 damage and -15% accuracy on the enemy.

Health: 912
Fuel: 90
Cost: 15,000 - Valencia Ship Vendor

Thank you and congratulations Antonio! You will get a reply email with your Admiral Bundle.

Contest Winner #2
The Crow's Wings

Created by: Clever Cole Crow

Thank you and congratulations Cole Crow! You'll get a reply code with your Admiral Bundle Code :) 

The rest of the Entries!

You're probably wondering why I didn't end the post right? Well... All of you are winners! Thanks to Tom the Pirate101 community manager you get 1,250 crown codes, all of your entries! Here are the pictures of the rest of the entries, congratulations everyone :) You will get your code in a reply email from your original entry email. Now.. Here are the rest of the great Pirate Ships!

The Skeletal Bucket- Ryan
 Headless Horseman's Ship-  Joshua Dragonrider

The Crazy Goat- Tiffany

The Candy Queen's Bounty- Gavin Stormwhisperer
One extra code!

Chefateer Ship- James Dragoncatcher

Neptune's Poison- Alex Ashfinder

The Blasted Starboard- Cody Strong
One extra code!

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