November 27, 2012

Best of the Best Sale!

Hello there!

Yesterday I made a post about Kingsisle giving up to 50% more crowns when you bought crowns online. Today through November 29th you can save 50% off of some of the best items in the crowns shop. Here's a list of a few things that are on sale..

- Captain Gunn's Wheel
- Mojo Potions
- Livsey's Ring
- 25,000 Gold
- Corsair's Frigate
- De Bonzo Galleon
- Prancing Pony (Very Fast Permanent)
- Gold Stingtail Pet
- Buccaneer's Den
- 1,000 Gold
- Mojo Pendant 
- Ebon Spectre Pet

This would be a great opportunity to spend those crowns from yesterday on this now so you can save so you don't have to spend more at a later date. Good luck and happy spending :) By the way, I got a very fast prancing pony for half price when it cost 7,000 crowns before. What a deal :D If you don't have any crowns, you can buy some crowns by clicking on the picture below!

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