November 11, 2012

Boochbeard Clause!

Ahoy Pirates!

The other day I made a post about my idea of a Pirate101 Christmas . Have you ever wondered what Boochbeard would look like if he decided to dress up like Santa? I have since August. You're probably wondering if I have a picture of Boochbeard dressed as Santa, the truth is... I do! :)

Thank you Cody for making this, what do you think of this picture? Do you think he could be a good Pirate Santa? Or do you think he should stick to be only a Pirate that gets into a lot of sticky situations? Maybe he could do a little bit of both! Comment below and tell me your thoughts about Boochbeard Clause! 


Ernis said...

I love it. Nice work, Cody!
I think he wouldn't be a good Santa, Pirates are by nature sellfish, they want all the treasure and stuff for themselves. :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Edward always loves the holidays so why not make him something he'll never forget? :)