November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday (Super Crowns Sale)

Ahoy Pirates!

Did you know you can buy crowns and get up to 50% bonus crowns when you buy them on the Pirate101 website? You can today! You need to hurry up though, the sale will end at 11:59 CST tonight. Tomorrow you won't be able to get this offer.

Crown Amount               Price Amount

2500 Crowns + 250 Crowns= $5.00 
5000 Crowns + 500 Crowns= $10.00
13750 Crowns + 2,750 Crowns= $25.00
30,000 Crowns + 10,000 Crowns= $50.00
60,000 Crowns + 30,000 Crowns= $80.00


This is a great offer, you really should buy them now if you were planning on buying crowns! Click the Buy Crowns picture for a link to buy your crowns now. Thank you Kingsisle for the great deal.

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