November 27, 2012

Is it important to Nautical Level?

I wanted to make this post to help anyone that is leveling in Pirate101 and not nautical leveling. I played Pirate101 since beta was released and noticed that there is a huge difference between just leveling without paying much attention to nautical leveling other than doing your quests where you have to defeat ships and where you nautical level with your quests and without. Would you like to see the difference between a Pirate that has been nautical leveling and not nautical leveling? Keep reading!

Pirate that Nautical Levels

A pirate who decides to nautical level will have many advantages on the game. You may notice it is a lot easier to defeat tough Pirate ships alone, get new horns for your ship (spells), or even get a better ship. Leveling your Pirate while nautical leveling with quests and nautical leveling in general is easier than you think. You will level your Pirate a lot faster because Pirate101 is a pirate ship game no matter what you do, you have to sail your ship and sometimes you may get caught in a battle that you really don't want to do and you may be worried about being defeated. If you've been nautical leveling, there won't be a problem at all! Make sure you are nautical leveling it will help you a lot more than you think!

Pirate that doesn't Nautical Level

I played Pirate101 since Beta was released in August. In August when I first started I had a difficult time trying to level and not be defeated in ship battles. I thought I was terrible at ship battles. My ship was always defeated by another ship and I didn't know what to do. By my surprise I noticed that you had to nautical level to get a better Pirate ship and all of the other things you could equip to your pirate ship. I am glad I finally found this out because if I didn't I would not be level 49 on Pirate101. There's a lot of ship battles in Pirate101 and you will need to nautical level. If you don't nautical level, you will have a tough time trying to defeat other ships. Make sure you are nautical leveling!

Now that we covered the differences between nautical leveling and not nautical leveling, I decided to give you a few great nautical levels for each world. Nautical 10 leaving Skull Island, Nautical 20 leaving Monquista, Nautical 25 leaving Valencia, Nautical 35 leaving Cool Ranch, and nautical 50 by the end of Mooshu. These are all great nautical levels by the end of each world. I hope you take these numbers and make goals of nautical leveling while Pirate leveling! Good luck in the Spiral everyone :)


Unknown said...

Good tips that I will be sure to put into practice. I'm a few levels behind your recommendation for Cool Ranch but I still have a ways to go.

ThatFrostweaver said...

I am in that blue windlane completing side quests in the Cool Ranch, sigh, how much this game hates me.

ThatFrostweaver said...

Does your ship get more life when you level up your Nautical level?

Edward Lifegem said...

No it doesn't. To get more life for your ship you'll need to get a new ship or even more armor to add life on your ship.

ThatFrostweaver said...

Coming back to this topic about Nautical level and Marleybone and Aquila on the test realm what do you think the levels for our Nautical should be when we are leaving Marleybone; or course not Aquila sense I can already tell you are going to say Lvl 65.

Edward Lifegem said...

I haven't been all the way through Marleybone, so I don't know. I'll probably end up making an update post or page when I do make it through Marleybone and Aquila on the live realm! Sorry I don't have the information for you. Good luck in the skyways :)