November 5, 2012

Pirate101 Test Realm!

The test realm is now open for the very first time! You can go and download it at this link: Remember you have to have a membership or bought 6 dollars worth of crowns in the last month for Pirate101! Its just like the Wizard101 test realm! Here's Kingsisle's response of why the Test Realm has been added so soon!

Since we are making a number of small changes to Pirate101 that will affect gameplay, we've taken this opportunity to also "test the test realm!" There are some noticeable changes you will see such as sped up combat, combat rule changes for late arriving players in multi-player combat, and further adjustments to design issues like dreaded white buffaloons. Please see the complete list of upcoming changes in the Update Notes page.


TugaPirate said...

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Edward Lifegem said...

Just added your blog to the Blogroll! Very nice job :) Keep up the great work.