December 11, 2012

2012 Players' Choice Awards

Ahoy Pirates!

Want some awesome news about Pirate101? Its been nominated for Game of the Year and Most Innovative Game of 2012 on! This means Pirate101 could win if you vote! There's plenty of other great games but I think we all know which game deserves this :D Congratulations to all of the nominations and I won't be surprised if Pirate101 wins, I know it is capable :)

To Vote
Click on the link below to vote, you have to be logged in to vote! 

It is up to us to make sure Pirate101 wins, make sure to share this link with everyone you know that loves Pirate101! Maybe Kingsisle will get an early Christmas present from us with Pirate101 winning Game of the Year and Most Innovative Game of 2012. I'll be voting, will you?

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