December 12, 2012

2013 Goals for Around the Spiral!

Hi there!

I decided to make another post since its nearing the end of the year about goals I have for next year. First though, I would like to thank all of you for all of the goals we accomplished for 2012. Every single goal I had since day 1 of this blog was accomplished in a matter of 3 months. This only shows that anything is possible if you try hard and not give up.

Goals Accomplished in 2012

  • Become a Pirate101 Fansite- Well that was accomplished on November 8th 2012, a month ago! I am very glad Tom accepted my site, even after three times of submitting we finally made it :) I am still very surprised that I'm a fansite and sometimes I forget! 
  • 200 Members- This was accomplished last month as well, I am very surprised we made it to 200 members, to tell the truth.. I'm surprised I made it to 100! This year we gained at least 100 new people on the blog. Thank you everyone :)
  • 100,000 Site Views- This happened a few days ago, I am very glad we made it to 100,000 views. WOW, Really though, that's crazy. Thank you everyone for this.

Here's a few of my 2013 goals I wish to accomplish! I hope you like them :)

2013 Goals to Accomplish

  • Video Blogs- This probably sounds crazy right now, but I really would love to add video blogs for blogger from Youtube and post them on here for huge updates such as worlds on Wizard101/ Pirate101, or even smaller updates such as new features (Example: PvP on Pirate101)
  • More Features- I would love to add a lot more features for everyone on this blog, more information and a easier way to get around. More pages with a lot more information!
  • Members/ Site Views- This is up to you, I am not setting a goal for members and site views for 2013. This is a huge change because I did in 2011, that's going to change though :)
  • Guest on the cool Podcasts- This would be epic! I would love to do this one day next year, I will be nervous though (along with the video blogs) because you have never heard my voice before and I never have made video blogs or been a podcast before, I guess we'll have to see!

These are my main goals to accomplish for 2013, I think all of them will be, its a lot easier than it was last year. Do you have any goals? If you try hard you can do anything. Never give up! :) Thank you for all of the great times on this blog, I'm looking forward to a great 2013 with Around the Spiral.


TheDrakeFlame said...

Well, the goals you accomplished were the more awesome ones, and soon, I predict that all should you completed since you're super cool!
Keep working on trying to succeed the goals, Ed!

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Congrats on meeting all of your goals! :) And good luck with your new ones. :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you Chris! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! I'm hoping all will be completed :)