December 3, 2012

December Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

The December 2012 Pirate101 newsletter was released today and with it came a great background on the Pirate101 holiday background! With the background, they also said that there's going to be some festive surprises from the Pirate101 fansites this month. I'm guessing that means we'll have some gifts (Contests) for you ;) I can't wait, I love having contests! I have to tell you that I'm going to have contests of my own too though, so don't get too confused on all of the contests :) I had to put this on the top of the post because Yuletide is my favorite time on Wizard101 and now Pirate101. Yuletide is not the only thing in the December Newsletter though, you'll have to discover what else is in the newsletter. Click Boochbeard Clause to see the rest of the December Newsletter!

1 comment:

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I wonder if there will be any Christmas stuff in game. I hope so!!! :)