December 23, 2012

Edward Cringle!

Ahoy Pirates!

You're probably wondering why I named a new character Edward Cringle right? Well, this all starts from my first character I made.. Edward (Witchdoctor). I made my witchdoctor during Halloween this year, and based him off of the holiday. I decided recently that I wanted to base all of my Pirate101 characters off of the holidays. My next character is based off of that's right, Christmas!

Edward Cringle (Level 5 Swashbuckler)

I'll start blogging about my Swashbuckler from now on, I had to level through 5 levels to see what it would be like to level on a Swashbuckler since I've only leveled a Buccaneer and Witchdoctor in the past. I think this school is a very special, awesome, epic school so far. I'm trying to tell you how I think it is but I don't know if it's possible. I'll have more on my Pirate after the holidays, I won't be able to blog much until then, so.. Merry Christmas! I think my companion wants to show you how epic this school really is!

That's right, show them who's boss!

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Aedan Morgan/Aaron Starheart said...

Welcome to The Club! Being a Swashbuckler is pretty awesome! But then again I think I'm biased.