December 9, 2012

Santa Run 2?

Hello Wizards!

I'm back to show you part of the event we had not too long ago, it was fun and I'm glad everyone that showed up could show up even though its Sunday and there is Church going on. At first I was a little worried I would be alone, but I can't believe I though that now :) 10 people showed up! Here's a few pictures I took of the event and make sure to read them okay? :D

This was after the run, thank you everyone :)

Along with whats up? and she is LOL

Santa Run 2

December 21st 

4:00 P.M. CST

Red & White or Santa and Mrs. Clause 

I hope you can attend the next one, this is more of a warning, If you are attending you can click the attend option on the Facebook event:Santa Run . I hope to see a lot of you there :) Lets make this a day the commons in Wizard101 will never forget, lets show Kingsisle we love their game and love Yuletide, lets also have a lot of fun, invite all of your friends if you can :) Oh did I mention there may be contests? We'll have to see. (I can't tell you, its Christmas)

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