December 9, 2012

Santa Run!

Hello Wizards!

The holidays are here, and to celebrate Cody and I thought of something fun to do last minute. Its a Santa Run! I was thinking we could do it for Kingsisle to show them how much we love the game and Christmas (Yuletide) on the game. Here's more details, remember this is TODAY :D

Today- 12:00 P.M. CST

The Commons, Wizard101
Pixie Area One 

What do I show up in if I don't have a Christmas outfit?
If you don't, you can show up in regular robes, if you do
please show up in it :) It would make it look more like a Santa Run!

For.. Kingsisle- the best game team ever!

We'll start by running around the commons 7 times (main circle of the commons) and we'll have fun talking or doing whatever afterwards. I hope you can arrive, if not, Happy Yuletide! :)

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