December 30, 2012

Side Questing with Edward Cringle!

Ahoy Pirates!

A week ago I posted about my new Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. If this is the first time you've heard of this character, make sure to read my post explaining more about him at this link: Edward Cringle. I hope you enjoy the post, don't forget to read this one after! Now to move on. The last few days I haven't had a chance to quest/ blog much because of the holidays I did have a chance to get a few side quests I noticed in Skull Island though! These quests included experience, gold and nautical experience. I couldn't turn the nautical down because I want to be the right level when I reach certain worlds so I had to do the quests!

Main Quest- the one in the upper left corner
Side Quests- all of the other three!! Yeah that's a lot of side questing :)
Attacking the Batacuda's for a side quest..

Turning Side Quest in:
No Problem! I had a lot of help from my awesome companions :)

My Companion attacking flying fish for two other side quests, I'm not done
so I'll have to make sure I complete these side quests today or tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed the post, I'll keep you updated on all of the side quests! This brings me to the importance of side questing. Sometimes you may not think its important to side quest but once you think about it, it really is. I noticed that if you side quest you get more experience and you may be a higher level when you enter the next world. That'll be easy with all of the hard bosses you have face in the future of Pirate101. I think that side questing is a lot of fun and can really help. You don't have to side quest unless you feel like you should! I wish you good luck in the Spiral and make sure to keep reading for more posts on Edward Cringle!

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ThatFrostweaver said...

Subodai right now has what I call "Lucy disease" also known as a critical after another critcal over and over again at his level.