December 7, 2012

Tristan AnvilCaster's Grand PvP Party!

Hello Wizards!

Did you hear about Tristan AnvilCaster's party? Its going to be a huge party! There's going to be events there too, a Christmas Dressing Contest, Gobbler Transformation event and PvP of course. I'm going to go there even though I don't PvP and visit with everyone :) This really is the first time I'll be on Wizard101 for awhile. I can't wait to spend time on there again and have a lot of fun at this party. Anyways, here's the details of the party and links, I hope you can attend!

Who's Hosting?
Tristan AnvilCaster 
Jacob SeaTalon
Alexandria RoseHeart

Where do we meet at?
Wizard City Fairgrounds, Unicorn Area 1

What time does the party start?
Sunday December 9th 
8:00 P.M. Eastern
7:00 P.M. Central
6:00 P.M. Mountain
5:00 P.M. Pacific

More Information

I hope to see all of you there at the party, I'll be in my Santa costume :) See you then!

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