December 31, 2013

The Best of the Best!

Hi there!

Its been a week since I've posted on my blog. I've been enjoying Christmas and time with my family. I hope all of you are having a great Holiday Season. :) Today is actually New Years Eve and I can't believe its the last day of 2013. I'm not sad though because I know that 2014 will be just as awesome as 2013. I wanted to make this post wishing all of you a Happy New Year AND I wanted to go over the major things that happened in 2013. :D

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem in 2013

  • Contests: This year, thanks to Kingsisle, has been the most posted contest year. I've had a lot of contests with codes Kingsisle/One Eyed Jack gave me throughout the year and its been fun. I'm happy that I'm giving away codes, I hope all of you who won are happy with what you won and if you didn't win this year, that doesn't mean you won't win next year. :)
  • New Readers: Around the Spiral has gained a huge amount of readers this year compared to last year. We've had a huge amount of at least 100,000+ views this year alone! I don't know the exact number. Around the Spiral has also gained over 100 new members and currently at 351. Thank you everyone to viewing and following my blog this year. I still can't believe this blog made it this far but I need to start believing. You guys rock!
  • A Great Year: This year has been great. I'm so happy I can do something I love to do and still have readers. I know I've said this a lot but I'm still surprised I still have readers. My posts to me don't make sense, but I guess since I get over 150 views per day when I'm not posting means you all still look forward to a post. :) That's awesome!! Thank you so much, you've made this blog better each year and if there's any mistakes in the future, or even from the past, I promise I will learn from them. This blog makes me feel like a better person and so do you. :)

I hope to make 2014 as special as 2013. If 2014 means I won't gain any followers, views or become official. That doesn't mean anything. I am going to try my best to make the year as awesome as I can for the rest of you that read my blog. I am not worried about views or members. I really want to thank all of those who do view my site and follow my site though. Even though I don't worry about all of that, I am happy that there's a new reader reading my posts. I hope all of you enjoy my posts as much as I do. :) All of you are great and I'm happy I am in a great community like this one. I wish all of you a Happy New Year and thank you for everyone reading AND thank you to Kingsisle for making such great games and being the best game team in the world. :D Here's to a great 2014 for all of us! :)

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Edward Lifegem!


Its Christmas Day! I'm happy I had a great day today, and I hope you had a great day too. :D I can't believe Christmas will be over soon but that doesn't mean that tomorrow won't be fun. I am actually looking forward to 2014. I know its going to be a great year and can't wait to see how everything goes. :) Lol I'm actually writing this after eating a whole bunch of turkey and I'm TIRED. :P So excuse me if I write anything wrong. I decided to include my favorite Christmas Song on this post. Here's Christmas Bells remixed by Patti Page. :D

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for reading my blog and listening to the Christmas songs I've posted on my blog for the 25 Days Of Around the Spiral's Christmas. :) I promise next year I will do this again and I will try to do it every single Christmas. :) This year was great, probably the best I've had in awhile and I'm happy that I can share my blog posts with you. Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

December 24, 2013

O Holy Night!

Hi there!

Its the 24th Day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas! It's Christmas Eve, its finally here! Believe it. :) I am excited but still can't believe its Christmas Eve but I'm going to take my advice and believe it really is Christmas Eve. I am so happy! While writing this blog post I'm actually watching It's A Wonderful Life. A great movie, and probably the only black and white movie I watch every single year! :D I hope all of you have a great Christmas tomorrow and I will be back to make a Christmas post but for now here's today's Christmas Song. I hope all of you have a great night tonight. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS

Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Before I start this post, I would like to thank everyone that took their Christmas Vacation time to enter my contest. I think this is one of the greatest ideas I've come up with, at least a last minute idea and I'm glad the community entered the contests. There are so many talented pirates in the spiral and its going to be hard picking who wins what but if you don't win something that doesn't mean you shouldn't. All of you are great and I'm happy you come to my site and enter contests and read my blog posts. Now I'm sure most of you are like, PLEASE TELL US THE WINNERS, So... I will. :D Drum Roll!!

Grand Prize Winner: Crazy Ryan Upham

Prizes Won: MistleToad & Prince Yulefest Companions + 12,500 Crowns

`1st Prize Winner: Victoria Fireflame

Prizes Won: MistleToad Companion, Random Yuletide Pet + 11,000 Crowns

2nd Prize Winner: Sly Steven Stern

Prizes Won: Prince Yulefest Companion, Random Yuletide Pet, 3,500 Crowns

3rd Prize Winner: Bad Terri Jones

Prizes Won: Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns

4th Prize Winner: Quick Lucas Newell

Prizes Won: Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns

5th- 15th Place Winners:

Sneaky Scarlet
Quiet Keena Davis
Brave Andrew Evans
Fearless Sam
Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale
Scarlet Owl
Fearless Sophia Liston
Generous Abe Rakes

One Code that gives Yuletide Pet + a rare chance of Yuletide Companion

Other Winners:

David Everhart
Victor Hawkins
(if I miss anyone, let me know by emailing me)

One Code that gives a Yuletide Pet + 1,000 Crowns

Thank you everyone for entering and winning. Lol yes, everyone who entered my contest should have won something! :) I entered the first list of names in Random.Org and the last two I decided to give the last list of prizes. This was a great contest and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for entering and I would say don't worry if you didn't win, that there will be other contests but since everyone won... Congratulations. :D I will email everyone their codes they entered with through email. :) I don't know if I miss anyone while judging entries but if I did please let me know by emailing me the email you entered with. Thank you again, and I hope all of you have a great Christmas. :D

December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Hi there!

Its the 23rd Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas and I am excited. Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I can't believe how fast this month went by, but I am excited about Christmas and sad that Christmas will be over soon. I'm going to try not to think about that anymore and be excited about Christmas while its still here. :) I'm sure by now if you've read/listened to the songs I've picked out almost everyday and noticed my background you would know I love Christmas! :P Here's Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano and don't forget to check out my special Christmas song tomorrow! :)

Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Ahoy Pirates!

I know on my last post I said I wouldn't be posting anymore but I meant questing posts. I am still going to post about my recent Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest, such as a winners post and of course this post. I just wanted to post this update post to all of you to remind you that my Pirate101 Contest does end tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. CST! Make sure to get your entries in before 12:00 P.M. CST and you'll have a chance to win a new Mistle Toad Companion, Prince Yulefest Companion, Yuletide Pet, or even CROWNS! :D Here's more detail on how you can win...

  • STEP 1: Draw or create a Pirate101 Related Christmas Tree. - Make sure its Pirate101 related, that's how I'll know you created it and didn't copy it from anywhere since this is my first Pirate101 Contest. - You CAN use computer graphics to create your tree. - You CAN also draw your Pirate101 related Christmas Tree. - Don't decorate a real tree, I want you to draw OR create a Pirate101 Christmas Tree with Graphics.
  • STEP 2: After you're done creating your tree please send me a picture of your tree to my email: - Please include your Pirate's name if you can, if you have already submitted your entry and didn't send your pirate's name that's okay! - Send your entry before 12:00 P.M. CST tomorrow, Christmas Eve! 
  • STEP 3: Winners will be announced tomorrow. I'll announce them after 12:00 P.M. CST - Winners will be announced after that time but I'll need time to judge all of the entries again. - Winners will get sent their codes they've won through email. - If you have any questions, now would be the time to ask. :) - If you would like to see the list of prizes I'm giving away with this contest just click the image below! Good luck and Merry Christmas! :D

It's The Holiday Season! (Post, Not A Christmas Song Post :D)

Hi there!

I haven't really made a post that didn't relate to the holidays in awhile. Sorry, I'm making another post related to the holidays so if you're tired of it, its okay if you don't want to keep reading. :) I just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday. I'm celebrating Christmas (I'm sure everyone that's viewed my site noticed that), and can't wait since I'm excited for it (and that)! I hope you're as excited as I am about the Holidays. :D I know its keeping me from posting normal posts other than Christmas songs, sometimes I miss posting the Christmas songs. This has happened because I'm busy and don't want to post too much since Christmas only happens once a year and I want to celebrate it now and enjoy it before waiting another year. I promise I'll start blogging again after Christmas or maybe after New Years. It depends. I usually take time off during the holiday season every year and I'm back again stronger than ever. I have so many plans for 2014! Yes I'm going to be here another year, HAHAHA Get ready haters. :D Kidding, but seriously. Nothing will make me leave until I'm ready (no idea at the moment but no worries). On New Years Eve I'll create a blog post about my New Years Resolutions I hope to complete next year and a look on 2013 on Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. Thank you for reading this year everyone. Thank you to all of those that have just joined this site this year, last year, the year before that (2011), and before that (2010)! :P Here's to another great year! :D I hope all of you have a great Holiday. :)

December 22, 2013

O Christmas Tree!


Welcome to the 22nd Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! Yes this is today's Christmas song, I posted one earlier since I didn't get to post one yesterday since I was very busy. I can't believe I haven't post this song so far. I should have long ago! Here's O Christmas Tree from GLEE! :D I know quite a few of you are probably happy I post this song from them. :)

Merry Christmas Darling!


Welcome to the 21st day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! I'm sorry I missed yesterday's Christmas song. I had a busy day yesterday and didn't have time to make a post at all. I'm happy I can make the two posts of Christmas songs today (I'll publish the 2nd one right after this one). I am excited for Christmas! Omg, its three days away, soon we can start counting down the hours. :P Well here's today's song Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters!

December 20, 2013

White Christmas!


Welcome to the 20th day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas! Its the 20th day.. 20th day.... 20th day?! I'm shocked its the 20th Day of December and the last day of Fall. I think its about time to talk about snow snow as much as Christmas itself. :D The first day of Winter starts tomorrow and I'm hoping for a lot of snow. I'm also hoping for a White Christmas. :D My town's supposed to get hit by a huge Winter Storm starting tomorrow and we also have a slight chance of snow for Christmas Day. :D White Christmas by Bing Crosby. :D

December 19, 2013

Joy To The World!

Hi there!

Its the 19th Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! I'm so excited for Christmas, I feel like this is the best time of the year and I love celebrating it. I'm sure you've noticed that by looking at my blog, there's Christmas everywhere on this blog! :D I usually change my background for Holidays just to show you all how important they are to me. :) I'm sure you've noticed I've changed the background for the Seasons lately too. Oh... I have to tell you this on this post, my town is going to get a snowstorm!! That means we could have snow on the ground for Christmas. That'll be the first time since 2010. The past two years it was HOT, seriously, the ice wizards took a break and didn't send any cold or snow here. I'm happy its snowing again this year... Okay here's today's song, Joy To The World by Mannheim Steamroller!

December 18, 2013

Wonderful Dream!

Hi there!

It's the 18th Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! I feel like I should be saying first day again, but you know... We're one week away from Christmas! I'm surprised its almost Christmas but can't wait at the same time. I'm excited about spending time with family, celebrating Jesus's Birth AND of course eating good food. :D Okay, here's the song of the day, Wonderful Dream by Melanie Thornton! :D

Free Crowns!

Hi there!

Have you heard? Kingsisle is giving away FREE CROWNS for their 13th Day Of The Spiral. :D This doesn't last long so make sure you redeem the code CROWNSPLZ and you could win a crowns amount ranging from 250-60,000 crowns! This will end 9:00 A.M. CST tomorrow, December 19th, 2013 so make sure you get your free crowns before you can no longer do so. If you would like to redeem your code for free crowns just click on the image to the right. Enjoy and thank you Kingsisle for a great 12 Days Of The Spiral! :D

December 17, 2013

Jingle Bells!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

How are you doing?! I'm in a Christmas mood right now. I mean... Christmas Eve is only ONE WEEK AWAY. Time is speeding but I'm having a lot of fun and I'm happy my favorite time of the year is finally here. :) I forgot to tell y'all we got a little bit of snow and it made my town a Winter Wonderland. :D Today I decided to post a Christmas song that is upbeat by Barbra Streisand, Jingle Bells! :D Enjoy! Merry Christmas and don't forget to check out my new Pirate101 Contest after listening to today's Christmas song. :D

Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest!

Ahoy Pirates,

One Eyed Jack sent me Holiday Codes for a Contest today! Once he sent me them I had to think of a contest I should have that I really haven't had before. I thought of a PERFECT contest and easier contest that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. This new contest combines Art and Christmas. :D Keep reading for more information below on how to enter and what you can win. :D

Draw/Create a Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest:

  • Step 1: Pirate101 Christmas Tree: Don't worry, don't decorate an entire Christmas Tree in real life. I would like to you to draw a Pirate101 related Christmas Tree. Keep it Pirate101 related and of course Christmas related at the same time. Draw ornaments on the tree (you can choose your own ornaments to draw onto the tree). You can do this by Graphic Arts OR just Normal Art. Don't worry, I'm going to judge all of them the same way.
  • Step 2: After You're Done: After you're done creating your Pirate101 Christmas Tree and send it to my email, I'm going to judge all of the entries through the email you submit your tree to and will send you your codes to the email you submit with.
  • Starts/ Ends: This contest STARTS TODAY, December 17th, 2013 and ENDS December 24th, 2013 at 12:00 P.M. CST. I will send all of the winners their codes through the email they submitted with. Learn more about what I'm giving away below! (Prince Yulefest Companion Picture Above, Mistle Toad Companion Picture Below).

Winners Of  Christmas Tree Contest:

Grand Prize: 
Mistle Toad Companion, 10,000 Crowns, Prince Yulefest Companion, 2,500 Crowns (2 Codes)

1st Prize:
Mistle Toad Companions,10,000 Crowns, Random Yuletide Pet, 1,000 Crowns (2 Codes)

2nd Prize:
Prince Yulefest Companion, 2,500 Crowns, Random Yuletide Pet, 1,000 Crowns (2 Codes)

3rd Prize:
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns (1 Code)

4th Prize: 
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns (1 Code)

5th Through 15th Prize Winners:
One code that gives a Yuletide Pet + a Very Rare Chance at Yuletide Companion (Mistletoad, Prince Yulefest, Yule Trogg) Winners will be chosen through Random.Org

16th Through 20th Prize Winners:
One Code that gives a Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon or Green Baubleloon) + 1,000 Crowns. Winners for this will also be chosen through Random.Org. 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, Please Comment Below. This contest will END on Christmas Eve. Its ending early since after that I will be busy and don't want to judge any entries on my Christmas Break I should call it. :P I hope y'all enjoy this contest and good luck to all of you. If you didn't see above, you have to draw a Christmas Tree with Computer Graphics OR just draw it and make it Pirate101 related. You'll have to send it to my email, after you're done drawing it. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve after 12:00 P.M. CST which is the deadline to submit. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas. :) If you'd like to see what the Yuletide pets look like just click HERE

Pirate101's 12th Day of the Spiral!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Pirate101 announced that they have released two new companions as part of the 12th Day of the 12 Days of the Spiral! Let me say its epic that they released two new Christmas themed companions to the crowns shop. This means you can buy the two companions for 3,999 crowns in the crowns shop today. The companions won't be available long so make sure you buy them as soon as you can. Click the image below to learn more information these companions!

I'm not done with this post just yet. I have great news! While typing this post I'm planning my new Pirate101 Contest. One Eyed Jack sent me codes for a new contest and it involves something. :P That's all I'm saying for now. The new Pirate101 Contest should be published sometime today since Christmas is next week and I want to finish the contest before Christmas arrives. Woot! Thank you One Eyed Jack for the codes and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of my new Pirate101 Contest I'm planning on having. :D

December 16, 2013

Kingsisle Has Changed My Life

Hi there,

I've been thinking about a making a post like this for a few years but I really didn't want to make it because I was worried about making the post. A week ago Kingsisle ask everyone to make a Contest Blog Post. They wanted everyone to tell them what Pirate101 and Wizard101 has meant to them. I decided to make this post since I have a few words to say myself but I don't want to enter it for a contest, just to tell you more about myself and how I joined the game and what KI has done for me. They have done a lot and I decided to make this post to tell you what they've done for me!

As many of you know, I started Wizard101 when I was 16 years old in 2009 after viewing an advertisement on the T.V. I was looking for a game to play at the time since I was having a lot of issues in real life (death in the family, anxiety and depression issues) and wanted to get away from it for awhile and have fun on a game I thought/knew I'd really love to play. I decided to join to see how the game would be. I joined after trying Club Penguin out but CP wasn't really a game I thought I'd like to play for awhile. After joining Wizard101 I was addicted. I started playing a lot, and met so many great friends on the game. I wasn't thinking about it then but I was actually meeting great people on the game that I'd be friends with for years and couldn't believe how great the game was. This happened before I was introduced to the community. I was introduced to the community from Mary Dreamshade after creating our blogs about the game. We created our blogs about the game in 2010 because Friendly Necromancer inspired us to. I've enjoyed blogging about the game ever since! Now back to the community, after I was introduced to the community I knew I'd love to be friends with everyone but I was very shy, and I'm sure a few people that know me will be surprised that I was actually shy in real life. I was worried to add anyone and I really didn't even make that long of a blog post when I did make posts back in 2010. I was afraid to friend anyone on the game still and say anything to anyone in the community since I thought they were too perfect for me. :P Not lying! I thought everyone was epic and I didn't think I would belong. I soon realized I was WRONG!! I was wrong because eventually I did start adding a few people at the community events such as pvp parties, birthday parties, Ravenwood Ball and I am still good friends with quite a few people that I added at the events! When I started, I was shy but a few years later that soon would change!

Lets fast forward to now. I've changed, I know that now! I know for sure that Kingsisle has help me get through something that at the time years ago I didn't think I would get over. Kingsisle has changed my life and so has the community. I am so thankful for everyone that's reading this post! My life has changed on the game and I'm now talking to everyone and adding everyone and I do not feel depressed or have anxiety anymore. I know a few people that don't play the game would think I'm crazy for saying this but its true! I feel a lot better now and I know that I can get through things. I know there's going to be times in the future that I won't be able to come to the game for help but I have family that I can go to now. In 2009 I didn't go to my family at first because I was a teenager and I thought I could work everything out on my own. Sometimes you can work things out on your own but there's time that you need friends and family and they can help you out! On the way of figuring that out, I've made so many great friends, found out what I love to do (blogging), and I've made huge decisions in real life that have helped me a lot. I would like to thank Kingsisle and everyone reading for everything they've done for me. I'm not making this post for a contest or anything, I'm making this post since I have a blog and I really wanted to tell you how I felt the past few years. I know there's a few times that's been bad for me but that happens, the bad will never compare to the good that's happened. :) That's exactly how Kingsisle has changed my life, they along with you gave me hope that things would get better and they have. :) Before I end this post, I'd like to ask you all something. What has KI done for you? Just comment below! It doesn't have to be a long blog post like my post here, but I'd like to see what KI has done for you. I'm sure they've done a lot of good for everyone and I hope they know that we appreciate them! Thank you KI!!! :)

12 Days of Wizard!


Welcome to the 16th Day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days Of Christmas! I can't believe Christmas is next Wednesday. I'm surprised this month is already more than halfway over. I am not out of any Christmas spirit, its only beginning. I'm excited about Christmas and can't wait to spend time with my family. :) For me, family and of course Jesus is important and why I celebrate Christmas. :) I know its not Thanksgiving but I'm thankful for many things, and one of those things is KI. They have helped me so much. They brought me to this game and community and I love everything about it. :) I'm not going to continue this post since its only a Christmas song post so here's the Christmas song of the day! 12 Days of Wizard by Kingsisle. :D

December 15, 2013

Fa la la la!

Hi there!

Welcome to the 15th day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas! I know I posted a song this morning since I didn't post one yesterday but I decided to post another just for today. :D A few years ago I started listening to a new Christmas song by Olivia Jade Archbold and the song is called Falala. Its a great Christmas song and I'm sure y'all will love it! :)

How To Make Farming For Gold Fun!

Ahoy Pirates!

For months I've been farming for gold, nautical leveling, and catching up on side quests for my Witchdoctor to prepare him for the next world. I have decided to only farm for gold now on my Witchdoctor since I have many companions I need to level up. I finally leveled my first page of companions to level 65 and I'm currently leveling my second page of companions to 65. I've been farming for gold in the Ithaca, Aquila so if you've been there you know after awhile it gets boring farming for gold. I've had times I've farmed for hours, like yesterday since I was tired. Yesterday I fell asleep while farming because of the peaceful music and scene in Ithaca! :P Don't get me wrong, I love Pirate101's music and scene but since I was on a mission to farm for gold this meant I needed to finish farming for gold! :P

I decided to get festive and put on a Christmas weapon (you can buy them from the crowns shop, they'll be gone soon) and I also opened up Spotify and search for Christmas songs! I think the only songs that don't really make me sleep are Christmas songs. I do love listening to Ithaca music if I want to relax while farming for gold but since I was tired yesterday I decided to open up Christmas songs. :) I thought that was a lot of fun and guess what, I ended up farming for 100,000 more gold without even falling asleep! Pirate101 is a lot of fun but when you're running around in the same area for hours at a time it may get a little boring so next time you're farming for gold, or just preparing for another area put on some music, it doesn't have to be Christmas music, just any music you really want to listen to. :) Thank you for reading and I'll see you around the Spiral (I have that feeling another world is going to be released soon and that's why I'm preparing, make sure you finish up your main quests if you haven't already).

Do They Know Its Christmas?

Hi there!

Welcome the the postponed 14th Day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas. I had so much fun yesterday on Pirate101 (three-four hours farming for gold and leveling my companions to prepare for the next world). I also was enjoying the snow we have PLUS I started watching Christmas movies last night and forgot all about posting my Christmas song on my blog. I'm going to post two today, two separate posts to make it 25 posts of Christmas songs. I'm beginning to think its tradition missing a day or two each year of Christmas songs! :P Here's today's song, Do They Know Its Christmas? by Band Aid! After publishing this post I realized this was my 300th post, I have never made it to 300 posts in one year so thank you everyone! I'm really happy all of you read my blog for me to publish that much! Here's to more next year. :)

December 13, 2013

Winter Wonderland!


It's the 13th Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas and its been raining all day where I live! Its driving me crazy :P Storm wizards, you need to let the ice wizards do their work so it can snow. I want snow. :P Its still supposed to snow but I hate rain, especially cold rain during December. I decided to post this song to give myself good luck for the snow tonight. :) Here's Winter Wonderland by Eurythmics! :D

December 12, 2013

Last Christmas

Hi there!

Its the 12th Day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas! Today I have a special song I've wanted to post on my blog for a week or so, Last Christmas by Wham! I love this song, this is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever created. :D I can't wait until Christmas, I've been listening to these songs before I even post them on my blog, I hope you're enjoying all of the songs I'm posting this year. I promise I have plenty of other special (older/classic) ones I plan on posting before Christmas. :)

December 11, 2013

Let It Snow!

Hi there!

Welcome to the 11th day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days Of Christmas! :D I am so happy to be able to post this song, Its supposed to snow here this week and that's what I've been waiting for before posting this song for good luck. :D I hope it snows a lot here, but we'll see what happens. I'll let you know how much it snows where I live on Saturday. :) Here's Let It Snow by Michael Buble :D

December 10, 2013

Pirate101 Updates Go Live Tomorrow!

Ahoy Pirates,

Wow, I didn't blog about the test realm?! I must have been very busy. As many of you know, Pirate101 released the test realm a few days to test out many bug fixes, new companion updates, powers, Skull Island gear, etc.. Kingsisle has decided to release the updates to the live realm tomorrow, 12/11/13 - 3:00-4:00 A.M. CST. We'll get to see many things including new holiday items and of course the things I mentioned above. If you would like to see how many updates are being the live realm just click HERE or on the image below! :D

One More Sleep!


Its the 10th Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! Did you know two weeks from today will be Christmas Eve? Yeah! I'm excited. :D The countdown is going great, and I love posting songs on my blog without missing one day. I WILL post Christmas songs everyday no matter what. :D Today's song is One More Sleep by Leona Lewis. I was planning on posting that song today and Autumn Dreamwalker sent me a tweet suggesting that I post that song my blog sometime. I was about to tell her I'd post the song tomorrow since I already knew which song I was going to post today. Looks like it's a popular song so here you go. :D Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2013

Underneath The Tree!

Hi there!

Its the 9th day of Around the Spiral's 25 Day of Christmas! Here's the truth... the past who knows how long I didn't really have Christmas Spirit until today. Today I've been listening to Christmas music all day while cleaning. :P There's one song I listened to a few times on Spotify which I thought was epic. You know Kelly Clarkson? Well she released a new song what seems to be in October of this year and its called Underneath The Tree. Its a great song and it really puts me in the spirit. :) Have a listen to it, I'm sure you'll love this song! :) Merry Christmas and I'll see you tomorrow!

Wizard101's 12 Days Of The Spiral (Day 4)

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle has announced on their 12 Days Of The Spiral countdown that all of the Christmas Items have been added to the crowns shop! Here's a list of a few of the items that have been added to the crowns shop: Candy Cane Mounts, Sleigh Mount, Snowball Pet, etc. A few of the Christmas items can be purchased with gold along with crowns. Make sure you get these items before they're no long available until July 2014. If you would like to see all of the past 12 Days of The Spiral surprises just click on the image below!

Pirate101's 12 Days of The Spiral (Day 4)


Kingsisle announced today on the 12 Days Of The Spiral countdown that all of the Christmas Items such as the Yule Trogg Companion and Christmas weapons will be returning to the Pirate101 crowns shop today! A few of the items in the crowns shop can be purchased with gold or crowns. If you want holiday items make sure you get them soon since it will end soon. This holiday season countdown is a lot of fun! If you would like to see all of the surprises Kingsisle has announced in the past four days on the Countdown just click the image below!

December 8, 2013

Sleigh Ride!

Hi there!

It's the 8th day of December?! Omg.. I know time is flying by, Christmas Day is two weeks away Wednesday.. I wish Christmas could last longer than 25 Days, more like everyday. :P I know, it would get boring after awhile but I'd still love to have that happen. :P I'll also get to see a lot of snow and not have to worry about...... Summer..... Did I tell you guys it snowed here today?! It didn't snow enough for a sleigh ride but I can dream. :P Today's song is Sleigh Ride by Ronnettes!

December 7, 2013

Christmas Wrapping!


Its the 7th day of Around The Spiral With Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas! This means I have another song to post on my blog. :D I have to say this month is starting to go by fast and I want it to slow down since Christmas only comes once a year. :P I am happy I'm having fun with the holiday though. Here's a little personal note to add to my post of what I'm doing the next few weeks.. Today I'm going to a Nativity Scene (Jesus and shows how Christmas is now- how we celebrate), I'm also going to my town's Christmas Parade next Thursday that I haven't been to in three years! Well before I make this post longer than it needs to be... here's Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses!

December 6, 2013

Love Is Everything!


It's the 6th Day of the 25 Days of Christmas on Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem! I'm excited for Christmas. On Wednesday I was watching the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting on t.v. and Ariana Grande was singing this awesome song I knew I was going to post on my blog. I love this song from her and she's a great singer. Love Is Everything by Ariana Grande. :D

12 Days Of The Spiral!

Hi there!

Wizard101 and Pirate101 are celebrating 12 Days Of The Spiral again this year! For 12 days Kingsisle will have a surprise for us all. Today Kingsisle announced a new Charity Mount called the Noelephant! Kingsisle will donate up to $50,000 between Austin's Children's Shelter, Make-A-Wish Central and South Texas and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. You can visit all of the websites by clicking on the names of each. The Charity mount can be purchased in the crowns shops of both games!

Pirate101's 12 Days Of The Spiral

Wizard101's 12 Days Of The Spiral

If you would like to see which days Kingsisle plans on announcing more surprises for the next 12 days just click on the images above. The Pirate101 12 Days Of The Spiral image will lead you to the Pirate101 Countdown and the Wizard101 12 Days Of Spiral image will lead you to the Wizard101 Countdown. Thank you for reading and thank you Kingsisle for another 12 Days Of The Spiral Countdown! :D

December 5, 2013

El Dorado: Before, During and After!

Ahoy Pirates!

Lately I've been asking myself a question about Pirate101. What happens to the Pirate101 storyline after we visit El Dorado? I already answered this question but I really wanted to share my answer with all of you! Before I answer that question.. Lets ask ourselves... What does El Dorado look like? What does it have to do with us? Keep reading if you want to know a little more about the island/world El Dorado and what I think will happen with El Dorado and a little of what I think will happen after El Dorado!

El Dorado is a world/city made of gold that we pirates will be traveling to in the future. We are currently finding pieces of the map on the game in the worlds we are currently exploring to make our way to El Dorado. Once we find all of the pieces of the El Dorado map we can put them together and make our way there. We're supposed to find our parents that died (in the beginning you pick the way your parents died), and their spirits told us close to the end of questing in Skull Island to find them in El Dorado. I have a feeling our parents graves are in El Dorado and that's why they want us to find them. I think they left something important for us... Now that we know a little about El Dorado, what happens after we make it there? Will there be new worlds we travel to? My answer to that question is YES! Kingsisle will release new worlds for us to explore as long as we keep playing the game. I'm sure you're wondering what we will be doing in these new worlds.. I think we're going to have another new quest line that has something to do with our parents and the Armada. I think our parents left us another map/letter to travel to another world to save them. Once we travel to a new world that might mean the story line will expand into other worlds which will lead us up to another world. I think the Armada will be against us up until El Dorado. After that I have a feeling we'll have a new enemy. I could be completely wrong but that's how Kingsisle created the chapters on Wizard101 and it seems Pirate101 does have chapters.

Until Then, I think we'll have to continue defeating the Armada and gathering pieces of Marco Pollo's map so we can travel to El Dorado. We don't know much about El Dorado now but I think we'll learn even more throughout all of the worlds. I really don't know much about El Dorado but I really wanted to type this post up to tell you what I think will happen before, during and after the world. I'm sure that world is going to be epic but imagine what its going to be like getting there! It might be difficult but we have to show the Armada we will get the pieces of the map and make it there. Train your companions, get your best ship and lets get our map and make it to El Dorado to see what our parents are trying to tell us! What do you think will happen once we reach El Dorado? What do you want to happen? Comment below. Thank you all for reading this post and I wish you good luck questing and destroying the Armada/enemies. :D Now I really want to explore El Dorado.... :P

Little Drummer Boy!


Yes.. the 5th of December and the 5th Christmas song of the day. I love posting these songs, I can't explain how much I love posting Christmas songs on my blog! A few days ago Autumn Dreamwalker sent me a song to listen to so I could post it on my blog. I love this song and it's the first time I've listened to it. Today's song is Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix. If you're not religious, you don't have to listen but if you still want to, I suggest you do! I love their singing voices and I'm sure you will too! :D

December 4, 2013

Confusing Wizard101 Post! :D

Hello Wizards!

Wow its been awhile since I've made a Wizard101 questing post. I think that's because of Thanksgiving and I didn't want to post since I wanted to be lazy. :P I haven't been doing much questing on the game lately but Autumn and I have quested far into Khyrselsasielissss, yeah however you spell it. I LOVE this new world and I'm happy KI took their time creating this world. :D I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself, that'll take time, until then I'll be posting different posts of different quests throughout the world and tell you what I like about the quest we were questing on. Today I'm going to show you what we did after this post: It's a Bug's Life.

I skip a few quests and didn't take any pictures before this post but you know I'm still going to blog even if it's confusing at first! :) I believe we went here after talking to the bug's name I can't spell in the beginning of Khyrsalis (did a few quests by talking statues). I believe we were here to collect a key or something but I don't really remember! We had to fight the first bug's sister to collect what we needed. On the way we met a mouse! 

That mouse told me he was captured by this bug and the story went on? LOL... I'm going to tell you the truth, I have no idea what I'm blogging about since I skip out a lot with this part of the story. I promise the next Wizard101 post will be better since I know what pictures to post and all of the rest of the storyline. It's the first and only time this has happened so don't worry. :) I promise I'll have a better Wizard101 blog post soon! I just need to read through the storyline before making a blog post last minute. :P Haha, thank you for reading and I'll see you Around the Spiral!

Shake Up Christmas!


Its the 4th day of December, I feel like this month is speeding by but I'm trying to make it as slow as possible without doing anything that takes up a lot of time. I'm happy I can post songs on here to show everyone I'm in the Christmas Spirit again this year. I hope all of you are too. I'm just showing a collection of my favorite Christmas songs everyday, even songs you all submit to me. I'm glad many of you like the song yesterday and I hope you like this song as much as you like the song yesterday. Today I have Shake Up Christmas by Train! :D Merry Christmas. :D

December 3, 2013

December 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow, its already December?! It feels like this year flew by, I can't believe this is the last month of 2013. I guess that's what happens when you have so much fun on Pirate101. :D Kingsisle released their last newsletter of the year today which brought a little bit of information about the 12 Days of Christmas Countdown and a brand new Rogue's Gallery, The Commodore which you can view by clicking HERE! You can also view another video about the new Pirate101 Empire Bundle below!

The Empire Bundle can be bought at Gamestop for $39, let me say its a pretty great bundle and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Thank you Kingsisle for releasing such an epic bundle. I've been enjoying everything in this bundle since I first redeemed the code for it. :D I'm sure this would be a great Christmas present for any pirate wanting it for Christmas. 

If you would like to read more of this month's Pirate101 Newsletter just click HERE or click Boochbeard Claus above! :D I hope y'all have a great Christmas/Holiday and I'll  update you about new Newsletter again next month/year! I didn't see anything about any side world updates in the Newsletter but Pirate101 has been quiet lately and usually when they're quiet something big happens! I'm only guessing. Lets hope something does happen soon. :D 

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Hi there,

Welcome to the 3rd day of Christmas songs. I love posting Christmas songs on my blog, I know it might be pointless to a few people but to me, it feels like a tradition. I love doing this and can't wait to continue posting songs everyday through the 25th of December! :D I'm going to try my best to post everyday. Last year I miss a few days but I plan to post everyday no matter what this year! Today's song is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey!

December 2, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!


Woot, its the 2nd day of December and that means I get to post another one of my favorite Christmas songs to this blog. I had trouble trying to think of a song today so I ask a few of my friends which Christmas song I should post today and Autumn Dreamwalker gave me a few. I decided to post It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Andy Williams. This time of the year truly is wonderful and I'm glad a lot of people get to celebrate it. :)

December 1, 2013

I Hate Snakes (Pt. 2)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I certainly did, I was missing yum with the feast but I'm sure I can get plenty once I'm back on the game, right? :D I had time to spend with family and I had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving, I hope all of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving had a great time with family too. :) Before I start this post, let me tell you Edward Cringle is about to turn ONE! He turns one on the 23rd of this month. I can't believe I've been questing him that long but I'm happy I kept blogging about him and I will continue to do so until I'm level level (not a mistake) in the future. :P Thank you all for reading my Edward Cringle posts! Now its time to start blogging about snakes, something I don't want to blog about but I will so I can continue to quest. :D

That snake is huge and if there were snakes like that outside of the game, I promise you I wouldn't be talking to it! :P I decided to talk to it on here since it isn't going to attack me or anything, and Sister Snake told me that Three Scars tricked her by turning her son into a Sky Snake and she wanted to destroy her son but he didn't? LOL What a nice mother you are. :P She sent me to get her son's fangs broken fangs since the bison didn't. So that means she wants me to ATTACK MORE SNAKES?!!?! I mean... she wants me to attack more snakes. :) After getting her son's fangs I went back to talk to her..

That's awesome! I'm hoping that means I won't meet you again. It was not nice meeting you. :) Looks like my next post will be about me talking to the Big Sky Hunters to tell them the good news. I know this isn't my favorite quest but I'll give you a hint on my next quest if you don't know.. Striped Buffaloons! See y'all around the Spiral. :)