January 31, 2013

New Pirate101 Contest!

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been thinking about a new Pirate101 contest that would be a lot of fun and a lot easier than most contests that I usually do. This contest would be my own contests that I like having with membership cards/ crown cards! I am going to give away two $10 Pirate101 gift cards. This is going to be a fun contest because everyone can enter this easy contest! Here's more details about the great contest:

The Pirate101 Epic Photo Contest is the new contest that I'm going to have! With this contest you have to log on Pirate101 and take a picture of the most epic thing on the game (critical attack, view, anything epic). This should be a great fun contest for everyone and it shows how great the game really is! 

When does the contest start?

Today, January 31st 2013

When I take an epic picture how do I send you the picture?

Send it to my email: admin@edwardlifegem.com Please include one picture and only one entry.
Include your Pirate's name and level! 

When does the contest end?

February 14th 2013 

I hope all of you have fun with this contest and if you have any questions comment below!

Wizard101 Pack-A-Palooza

Pack-A-Palooza is back from now until February 10th, 2013! You can save up to 50% off of all game card packs including the Nightmare and Yuletide packs. Wizard101 will release a new pack for us called The Skyvern's Hoard too. Kingsisle said that there will be partner giveaways too! I'm guessing they mean Fansites when they say that :) Make sure to check them out and buy the new pack when the Skyvern pack is released! Until the Skyvern Pack is released, make sure to redeem your free item Kingsisle has to offer before February 4th, 2013. Thank you Kingsisle for the free item! :)

January 30, 2013

A new ship, companion and area!

Ahoy Pirates!

I leveled Edward Cringle for an hour yesterday and within that hour I leveled through the Presidio alone. I thought I would die within a few minutes of entering the dungeon! I couldn't believe I had so much good luck on my side :) Here's a few pictures of me questing through the Presidio!

My Companion doing an Epic Move on  a Presidio Guard. He has no chance!

Pets are a lot stronger than you think they are Mr. Nebuloso

Ancient Tome! Great for companion leveling :)

I knew we could do it Milo! Off to Frogfather!

Of course I did :) I had no problem *Cough* Other than two companions
dying *Cough, Cough* Yeah it was very easy FrogFather! Lol


Sure I'll have to take a picture though, do you mind?

You better watch out, Edward Cringle is stronger with his mighty ship!

That was a lot of fun! I really do thank you all for reading my post/ looking at all of the pictures. If you don't know by now, I really do love taking pictures on Pirate101! Get ready for lots of pictures on posts in the future, talking about pictures, here's one more pictures of a next time with Edward Cringle's questing!

January 29, 2013

Autumn Walker's Gold Rush Event

Ahoy Pirates!

Last night Autumn Walker had another great event! When she announced the event, 4 days ago, I didn't think I would make it and didn't have a chance to make a blog post because I was sick the entire week and still getting over it! I am glad I did make it though for all of the fun and extra gold. I went on my Witchdoctor and my Swashbuckler Edward Cringle. I didn't have a chance to take any pictures on Edward Cringle, but here are some pictures from last night with my Witchdoctor Edward! :)

Cool picture/ glitch I really wanted to take a picture of!

Gotta love heals, and have what available? lol


Gold Earned from Autumn's event- started at 200 gold.

Group Photo!

Photo with THE famous Autumn Walker!

Well that was a great event, thank you Autumn Walker for the event and can't wait to attend more! These events really does bring the Pirate101 community together and helps us a lot with gold or NXP. I hope to see you at the next event and really can't wait until the next one. Until then, see you around the Spiral!

January 28, 2013

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Happy Monday!

The title says it all! I just wanted to make a post to thank all three of the best community managers ever, the Pirate101 community manager, Wizard101 community manager and the Wizard101 UK community manager! This probably will sound silly but I'm actually going to make this post longer than I thought it would be showing why I appreciate all three of the community managers for all that they've done!

Tom Purdue AKA One-Eyed Jack
Pirate101 Community Manager

Tom is just about a year old community manager for Pirate101, he is new at being a community manager and really does make a great one! He helps a lot of people on the message boards if they are having trouble even if they are mad he helps them as much as he can to fix a problem. He really does make a great manager for the game Pirate101. Thanks Tom for all that you do for the Pirate101 community :)

Kiersten Samwell AKA Lydia Greyrose
Wizard101 Community Manager

Kiersten is the community manager for Wizard101. She helps so many people, can't imagine how much people have asked for help because there's millions of people that play Wizard101. Thank you for helping us, warning us about last minute maintenance no matter what time it is, and everything you do for the Wizard101 community! You rock, and Lydia is my favorite teacher :) Let it snow!

Emy Amesalok 
Wizard101 UK Community Manager

Emy is the community manager for Wizard101 UK, she is awesome! I haven't had a chance to play Wizard101 UK since last year, but I remember when there was a very important maintenance that needed to be done and it was late at night for her and she stayed up and made sure everything was okay before she even went to sleep! It was afternoon for evening for us in the USA. Thank you Emy, I'm glad to mention you on this post and can't wait to start playing Wizard101 UK again :) You rock! Oh by the way, I need a picture of your wizard! I had to use your Twitter profile picture. Lol. 

If you have a chance, you should thank them for everything they do!




January 25, 2013

Breaking: J. Todd Coleman leaving Kingsisle


If you haven't heard by now creator J Todd Coleman, co-founder of Kingsisle, is leaving Kingsisle. He left a letter on Facebook today explaining why exactly he was leaving and wishing us luck. Here's his letter on here and a link to it so you can wish him the best! Thank you J. Todd Coleman for all that you've done for the Wizard101/ Pirate101 players!

This update is going to be one of the hardest that I have written, so please hang with me as I try and get through it. I have decided to leave Kingsisle and pursue my own course. This might sound crazy-- and, full disclosure, it probably is-- but it is something I have to do. What a fantastic experience this has been! As the creative lead of our games, and first employee hired in Austin, I was in the unique position to watch this team blossom, and watch our games grow from niche titles to mainstream popularity. Wow! A handful of dreamers got together and turned an unknown start-up into the market leader of online entertainment.. That's not something you see everyday. I am blessed to have been able to play a role, and I know that I am leaving the company in capable hands. I have no doubt that the Spiral will continue to expand for many years. What's next for me? I'm a storyteller, so I will keep doing what I do best-- dream up ideas, breathe life into characters, build worlds for you to explore... only next time, I want to do it for myself. I'm an entrepreneur at heart. A new company, a new game, a new story... I'm not ready to say, but I've got something to show, you guys will be the first to know. I want to thank you for becoming a part of this community. Your patronage has allowed me to work with my best friends, and to entertain you, for almost a decade. You gave me a chance to build something, something unique and wonderful. These are more than games to me. I see these worlds when I sleep. I greet these characters like old friends. These are the dreams that filled my childhood. I cannot tell you how fortunate I am, to have been given the chance to share them with you. 

January 23, 2013

Fa-La-La-La Llama Donations!

Hi there!

Kingsisle has to be the greatest game team there is, they care so much. I'm glad to play their great games and be apart of the community :) I will remember Kingsisle so many years from now on all of the great work they do and the charities they donate to. During the holidays Kingsisle released the Fa-La-La-La Llama for two charities and all together Wizard101 and Pirate101 players have raised $100,000! That's so much money and I'm sure it will help the two charities a lot.

Above there's a link to the video where KVUE visited Kingsisle and talked more about the charity event/ children centers. The next link is Pirate101's official press release link. Visit those links when you get chance to learn more about the charity, and an upcoming New Wave Ball ! Thank you Kingsisle for all you do for us and children's charities. You're truly the best game team ever!

January 22, 2013

TCP Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I have had a contest going on where you had to comment below my recent contest and name your favorite and least favorite companions on the game. Before I begin, I have to tell you my favorite is Kan Po the Witchdoctor Pet and my least favorite is Mormo. Okay, now for the contest winners! I clicked on random.org once and here are the winners from 1-5.

I would like to post their comments on this post so keep reading if you would like to! By the way, thanks everyone for entering this contest and congratulations to the winners!

Clarence Krueger II

The best Companion stats and ability is wise of course, El Toro; but personally I love the Cat Ninja  picked up in late Mooshu. She is just awesome and fun to watch in battle. Least favorite companion is probably any of the mediocre chicken companions I picked up in Cool Ranch. I picked up around 5-6 and none of them are any good or special in any way.

Anthony Zahra

My favorite companion is bones mcgee, every time they hit him he shakes his head to check if it is still there and I find it awesome. My least favorite companion is Mormo. I just don't like his skills.

Talon StormShade

My all time favorite companion is Bull Samoorai! Love how he moves and attacks so epicly! My least favorite companion is the lame Guinness Pig guards. I don't like them because of how they look.

Sammy Kritzel

My favorite companion is my goat monk Lin Poa, my least favorite is actually Momo (platypus tribal leader), he weirds me out a bit.


My favorite companion is the Yule Trogg, it may not have many epic talents but it is good and looks really awesome, least favorite would have to be gaspard de vole I'm sorry but he is useless because his his epics are not great and he doesn't flow well.

Thanks again for your entries! Cowmouse, Sammy and Anthony, please contact me with my email, edwardfrostgem@gmail.com, so I can give you your code. I trust that no one else reading will act like them! Thank you everyone :) I hope to see you around the Spiral!

January 21, 2013

The NXP was fun!

Ahoy Pirates!

Before I begin, I need to show you a picture of something cool that happened during the party!

Had to take the picture during lag but.. my Witchdoctor made nautical 50!

This was one goal I was hoping to complete soon, I'm glad Autumn decided to host this event. There were so many people there, I couldn't believe all of the lag/ ships I was seeing! If I were questing in Mooshu and noticed all of these ships attacking I would think someone was mad so they decided to get a lot of other captains together and destroy the ship that destroyed them at first. Okay I went over the top there, Lol, but this party was over the top! I thank everyone who made it and hope you make it to another of Autumn's events. Oh Autumn, how was the first event you ever hosted? I'm expecting a comment from you after you read this post! Tell everyone what you thought of it! Okay, now time for more pictures! Lots of ships..

Long Distance view of all of the ships.

Caught a glimpse of my favorite ship attack to the right :)

That's a lot of ships, don't ya think?

AH! I think I made a ship almost capsize right next to me, sorry about that!
Edit: The ship I almost tipped over was Johnny's from Pirates of the Spiral 

This was a great event! I'm sorry to those who couldn't make the fun, the event may still be going on but I wanted to log out and make the post before it ended! Thanks everyone for showing up to Autumn's first hosted event! I'll still be waiting to read her comment :P Until then, see ya'll around the Spiral and next time you hear about an NXP join in on the fun! :) Oh I forgot to mention something, I had to log out of Edward Cringle, I died about 3-4 times, ouch.. He leveled to nautical 6, I couldn't take a picture from the lag though! Okay leaving.. :)

Edit** You'll never guess who made it to the party! ...Tom Purdue, Friendly Thomas! :)

I asked him if he could say Hi to everyone reading, here's his response! Read the chat box :)

Read the chat box!

January 20, 2013

Autumn Walker's NXP!


Tomorrow night Autumn Walker, a great Pirate101 blogger, is planning on having a Nautical Experience Party! I found out about this a few days ago and waited to see if it was still on for tomorrow night and it is. You have to nautical level in Pirate101 to get better ships, equipment and attacks. Nautical Experience Parties are guaranteed to provide that. Do you remember the Pieces of Eight radio NXP? Well this is going to be just like it with a lot of nautical leveling. If you're behind on nautical leveling and you have no one to level with this would be the event to go to! Here's the details about the party, I really hope you can join in on the fun.


Monday, January 21st 2013! TODAY at 6:30 P.M. EST

Where do we all meet?

We meet up in Avery's Court in One-Eyed Jack realm.

Where are we nautical leveling at?

Mooshu, Subata Skyway where we will fight level 47-49 ships! Anyone is welcome!

Who's hosting?

Autumn Walker (Autumn Dreamwalker) is hosting this NXP, once you get to Avery's court find Autumn. We will all port to to Mooshu to start our nautical leveling party. Lets try to stay as long as possible so we all nautical level a lot. Here's a link to Autumn Walker's post...

I'll see you there on my mighty boat.. :D

January 18, 2013

Crowns Sale (Jan. 18th 2013)

Hi there!

There's currently another Super Crowns Sale where you can get up to 50% more crowns with a purchase of crowns online! The bigger crowns purchase you make the more crowns you get in return. This crowns sale ends on January 21st 2013 at 11:59 CST. You should hurry up and buy those crowns right away before this great deal ends! Here's more information about the sale..

2500+250 Crowns= $5
5000+500 Crowns= $10
13,750+2750 Crowns= $25
30,000+10,000 Crowns= $50
60,000+30,000 Crowns= $80

New Pirate101 Commercial!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today KI released another new Pirate101 commercial. We finally know how much Pirates there are.. over 1 million!! That's a lot of pirates! I know this game is going to be as successful or a lot more than Wizard101. Thanks Kingsisle for a great game :)

January 17, 2013

Tribal Crew Pack with a small Review!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm back again, you're probably wondering why I'm making another Tribal Crew Pack post right? Well I logged into the game to buy some of my own and I bought packs after packs until all of my 3000 crowns were gone! Okay I didn't buy much since I was low on crowns but I wish I could buy more because this pack is not only special because its the first Pirate101 pack its also special because its the best pack! You won't believe how great this pack is, I guess I'll just show you a bunch of pictures with captions to show you how great the new pack is! :)

You can sell items like these for a lot of Gold! 

Scorpion Pet I won from the pack! Epic :)

Another Pet I won, A pet from the first Pirate101 video... Epic! :)

Oh yeah a Mount!! 

I have a lot of good luck on my side today or wait a minute... this may be a lot of good luck! I know leprechaun didn't come with me with his gold to Pirate101 right? Well if this really happens just by buying a few packs then everyone should try! This may be my favorite pack of all time, yes better than Wizard101 packs! Thanks KI for the Special treat :) Don't forget to enter my contest where you can receive 5 of these packs from one code: Pirate101 Tribal Crew Pack

Tribal Crew Pack (Pirate101)

Ahoy Pirates!

Have you heard about the new pack? Well its really the first epic Pirate101 pack with a lot of great things included! Before I tell you what's involved with this pack, I want to tell you about something that popped in my head right when they told everyone about it. This pack has items from Wizard101, the items look just like the items that come along with the recently released world Azteca. For some reason I think this may be a hint of a future world. I don't know if Pirates could actually go to the dinosaurs or not, but it would be pretty epic to mix Dinosaurs and Pirates wouldn't it? This was a little random idea that I just thought of! Now to the pack.. :)

Tribal Crew Pack

From the depths of the Aztecosaur ruins come Companions, Mounts and more with the Tribal Crew Pack! The first game card pack to hit Pirate101 is loaded with tons of goodies, and your Pirate has a chance to gain cool new items like: 

Aztecosaur Companion
Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold!
Housing Items
Training Tomes

With this new pack, comes a contest thanks to Tom Purdue and everyone at Kingsisle! I have code(s) for the new Tribal Crew Pack to giveaway. I will make this a very easy contest to enter. First though, I'll tell you what the codes include.. One code is good for 5 Tribal Crew Packs! I have  5 of them to giveaway. You will need to comment down below telling me your favorite and least favorite companions in Pirate101. Its that easy :) You will be entered and I will put all entries in at random.org. Please comment one time, and don't forget to comment or you won't be entered in the contest. 1 code= 5 Tribal Crew Packs! Contest will end Tuesday Jan. 22nd at noon CST. I may have a little surprise for you :) Until then, good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy your Thursday. See you around the Spiral!


January 16, 2013

Blog/Sites to follow: January 2013

Hi there!

If you don't know by now, I usually make posts about great sites that are new or a Fansite that everyone knows about, just about everyone! I like making these posts to show that people running these blogs are getting attention from the community :) I don't have much time to blog, so I'll make the post quick and explain a little bit about each site. Make sure to click on the images below of the site to view it. I hope all of you follow/ read this site when you can!

Talkin' The Plank

Talkin' The Plank is an official Pirate101 podcast. Luke Andreen and Brandon King talk about Pirate101 news, their questing and a bunch more! They are really funny and I suggest all of you give their podcast a listen when you can :) Thanks guys for a great podcast! 

Wizard101 Ramblers

Wizard101 Ramblers is another funny podcast, unofficial podcast (should be official) ran by Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame. This is of course a Wizard101 podcast and sometimes they discuss Pirate101. Another great podcast you should listen to with W101 News and randomness! 

A Pirate's Portal

A Pirate's portal is an Official Pirate101 fansite. This site has a bunch of Pirate101 information to keep you updated on whatever is added to Pirate101. I think this site deserves a lot of attention, you should go check out this great site when you can and follow it. I left the follow thing in the picture to show you where you should follow at when you get to this site. 

I'm glad I still have great sites to post about even after a year of posting about sites to follow. I can start with Pirate101 sites now since there's quite a few of them :) Last year I only had Wizard101 sites to post about now I have both! If you have a site you would like me to talk about next month, you can contact me by the information below..



Other Twitter:

January 13, 2013

Pieces of Eight NXP!

Ahoy Pirates!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog lately, my computers been acting weird with Pirate101. Today I logged on for the first time for hours since last year (December) and I had a chance to nautical level with a bunch of other pirates and watch Pieces of Eight livestream the event! I had a lot of fun and leveled up. I arrived an hour late, I couldn't believe how much I leveled up though.. I leveled from level N44 to level N49! I am one level from N50! Thanks for having this event Pieces of Eight. Make sure to visit their site/podcast at: http://piecesofeightradio.com/ .

Here are a few pictures from the event!

I think I was too busy to get pictures when the event first started, there was so many ships if I tried to take a picture I would probably lag so much! I'll guess and say there were about 20 ships there. It was crazy, I've never seen so many ships attack one ship on Pirate101 before now! Thanks again for the event and I hope you have something like this again, this was a great way to receive a lot of extra experience for your nautical level. 

January 10, 2013

New Site Update

Hi there!

The site has been down since yesterday and I've added a new template and yes it does look different, so far there's no background. I will be adding a header sometime later so you'll have to deal with the letters only :) I invite all of you to zoom around the blog and see all of the great updates, I've added information to pages and will continue to do so for the next few days! I hope all of you like the new update, if you do please comment below on the post or tell me on Facebook or Twitter where I post this blog post :) Thanks for being such great supporters :D.

January 9, 2013

Pictures for Test Blogging

Wizard101 Questing

Pirate101 Questing

Wizard101 news

Pirates News

Around the Spiral Update--