January 30, 2013

A new ship, companion and area!

Ahoy Pirates!

I leveled Edward Cringle for an hour yesterday and within that hour I leveled through the Presidio alone. I thought I would die within a few minutes of entering the dungeon! I couldn't believe I had so much good luck on my side :) Here's a few pictures of me questing through the Presidio!

My Companion doing an Epic Move on  a Presidio Guard. He has no chance!

Pets are a lot stronger than you think they are Mr. Nebuloso

Ancient Tome! Great for companion leveling :)

I knew we could do it Milo! Off to Frogfather!

Of course I did :) I had no problem *Cough* Other than two companions
dying *Cough, Cough* Yeah it was very easy FrogFather! Lol


Sure I'll have to take a picture though, do you mind?

You better watch out, Edward Cringle is stronger with his mighty ship!

That was a lot of fun! I really do thank you all for reading my post/ looking at all of the pictures. If you don't know by now, I really do love taking pictures on Pirate101! Get ready for lots of pictures on posts in the future, talking about pictures, here's one more pictures of a next time with Edward Cringle's questing!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Congrats! But....Idk...I think the first erm....ship (raft) is better than that one :P LOL!