January 20, 2013

Autumn Walker's NXP!


Tomorrow night Autumn Walker, a great Pirate101 blogger, is planning on having a Nautical Experience Party! I found out about this a few days ago and waited to see if it was still on for tomorrow night and it is. You have to nautical level in Pirate101 to get better ships, equipment and attacks. Nautical Experience Parties are guaranteed to provide that. Do you remember the Pieces of Eight radio NXP? Well this is going to be just like it with a lot of nautical leveling. If you're behind on nautical leveling and you have no one to level with this would be the event to go to! Here's the details about the party, I really hope you can join in on the fun.


Monday, January 21st 2013! TODAY at 6:30 P.M. EST

Where do we all meet?

We meet up in Avery's Court in One-Eyed Jack realm.

Where are we nautical leveling at?

Mooshu, Subata Skyway where we will fight level 47-49 ships! Anyone is welcome!

Who's hosting?

Autumn Walker (Autumn Dreamwalker) is hosting this NXP, once you get to Avery's court find Autumn. We will all port to to Mooshu to start our nautical leveling party. Lets try to stay as long as possible so we all nautical level a lot. Here's a link to Autumn Walker's post...

I'll see you there on my mighty boat.. :D

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