January 16, 2013

Blog/Sites to follow: January 2013

Hi there!

If you don't know by now, I usually make posts about great sites that are new or a Fansite that everyone knows about, just about everyone! I like making these posts to show that people running these blogs are getting attention from the community :) I don't have much time to blog, so I'll make the post quick and explain a little bit about each site. Make sure to click on the images below of the site to view it. I hope all of you follow/ read this site when you can!

Talkin' The Plank

Talkin' The Plank is an official Pirate101 podcast. Luke Andreen and Brandon King talk about Pirate101 news, their questing and a bunch more! They are really funny and I suggest all of you give their podcast a listen when you can :) Thanks guys for a great podcast! 

Wizard101 Ramblers

Wizard101 Ramblers is another funny podcast, unofficial podcast (should be official) ran by Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame. This is of course a Wizard101 podcast and sometimes they discuss Pirate101. Another great podcast you should listen to with W101 News and randomness! 

A Pirate's Portal

A Pirate's portal is an Official Pirate101 fansite. This site has a bunch of Pirate101 information to keep you updated on whatever is added to Pirate101. I think this site deserves a lot of attention, you should go check out this great site when you can and follow it. I left the follow thing in the picture to show you where you should follow at when you get to this site. 

I'm glad I still have great sites to post about even after a year of posting about sites to follow. I can start with Pirate101 sites now since there's quite a few of them :) Last year I only had Wizard101 sites to post about now I have both! If you have a site you would like me to talk about next month, you can contact me by the information below..



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